Sunday, May 29, 2011

One more blog

I thought I come back before I go home this afternoon and leave you with some photos of my crocheting that I have done. . . I taught my self to crochet with the fine thread...I learn how to with yarn through a friend of my Mom's but the real desire was to learn the fine art of fine thread...

These were of pink n whites I made for a special friend....She took this photo and sent it to me.

This is one I made up myself..just picked up the needle and started in...It turned out great...

And the two together I got the inspiration from my quit I had found at the Good will for 13.00...

 Working on another..this is I call it my star patten. My daughter had a pair that someone made for her so I copied it..I don't read patterns very well so I get alot of doilys from the Good will and Second Hand stores and I copy them...I made these for a friend from myspace, for here new baby girl's room. . . funny though I don't have a picture of the finished doily's hummmmm. wonder why not?

Here is another pair I was making for a friend who had gotten Cancer..I have lost contact with her though do to myspace going bonkers...I miss her and I think I'm going to find her address and drop her a card...Great Idea!
The finished two not such a bright picture though..I was on this kick of doing two and switching the colors...who knows where that came from..........??

Here is the very first one I ever was originally in white and red and old doily.

Here is one of the other Tea Cups that I was telling you about..I made her matching doily's for them..She loved it..I yet to make the Yellow One for her. . . I need to hunt down the Yellow thread.

And the Turquoise one...I have found a new blog site with an Incredible Lady who has inspired me to get back in the groove of things..I want to thank her for her great inspiration and for sharing it with all of us..she doesn't have a button or a follow button..hummm don't know why but her name is Creative Carmelina, I just fell in love with her blog...wishing you a warm Spring day...


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and it isn't too late to enter!
    Your work is stunning!! Wow!!


  2. Thank you I try...O good so that would be great to win..thank you for coming by..please join me.