Friday, August 29, 2014

More babble..

Good lovely Friday morning, the view from Mama's back deck is amazing.. I have always loved taking photos from there Sunsets and Sunrises.. It's a wide open deck.. But my heart's desire is to make it a closed in deck with large windows so I can have privacy.. but as you know I believe everything to be so  far feched. But everyone keep saying don't give up have faith so that's what I'm doin... I'm going home today to finish my Spring clean agenda.. then back here Saturday morning to start the process of more cleaning maybe with the things in Mama's room with a sidewalk sale I have to do something with all this stuff.. "Nightmare place"
It has such great potential but who know if I can accomplish it.. Honestly I'm tired out. everydays my hands hurt have such pain in them.. my body and surely my mind is tired.. I ask God continuously to give me strength and help.. I can't do it alone anymore.. My motor has pooped out..Sometimes I just want to cry at all this mess. I keep trying to find the brighter side of it all but don't see that light at the end of the tunnel at all. I don't mean to complain but I have to get it off my chest...

Mama, just before she left us, her best friend by her side.. since they were 16 I believe.. I talked with her yesterday she and her hubby have many health problems now to.. they are 79 like Mama.. I treasure this photo of them.. Dorthy is her name.. Mama loved her dearly and she loved Mama.. yesterday she told me I can't believe she is not here and I'm sure you feel more.. I can't either at so many levels.. It feels as if she is somewhere away.. some reality steps in when other things arrise.. but we all feel strange Mama was the last of everyone here.. The rest are gone now.. It's so sad.. I never dreamed it would be like this..

 So lets switch it up before I start crying away...
Lookie what I found recently going through Mama's piles on Magazines
Yes can you believe it, It must have been one Mama forgot to give me.. brand new still covered still in the plastic. I was so excited.  This is one magazine I truly miss, wish she'd bring it back.. 

"Home Companion"

Remember all her lovely photos
 I really enjoyed this magazine

Victoria and Home Companion
very nice.. 
well i'm off we have to pick up Isaiah at 11 am 
Wishing you all a lovely weekend
with love 


  1. That view from your mama's porch is outstanding. And I love that picture of her with her best friend. You can feel how strong their bond is from this photo....wishing you all good things friend! Nicole xo

  2. All I can say about that view is WOW! That is wonderful. You need a comfy chair to drag out there now and have a cup of coffee or tea and relax. Just step in front of the other, girl! Don't think about the whole of it. Just think about the next step and be grateful for what you do have. (I know it's easier said than done, but I'm trying to be encouraging here! LOL.) I would make it my mission for that back porch to be a priority in sprucing up, otherwise it'll keep getting pushed back as just a luxury. You won't be sorry you did! ♥♥♥

  3. Such sweet memories of your hugs are out to you. I loved Mary Englebreights magazine also! I loved the paper dolls she always included!

  4. Oh you know I adore Mary Englebreight! How fun to find the magazine.
    The view from the deck is so pretty.
    I'm sorry you are having to work so hard. I wish I lived closer..I would come and help you.
    Take care of yourself now.

  5. Love the view. It would awesome to set out there and have coffee.
    It is going to be ok. Just take it one day at a time and take a deep breath.
    Wish I could be there for you my dear.

  6. Hi Janice, I just wanted to stop in and say are you? I hope you find these days to be peaceful and restful. Just want you to know you are in my prayers

  7. Greetings Ms. Janice. I found your blog by mistake. I have no Blog cause I have no time, but i was looking at somebody elses and yours popped up. Just want to say I sympathize with you and know the pain you are going thru. I'm in the same shoes, sick parents rushing here and there I hurt all the time cause of back problems. Have faith and hang in there you know what they say. "God only give you what you can handle" Maria

  8. What a gorgeous view from your mama's porch. It looks like a very peaceful and serene spot. I am touched by the photos of your mom with her friend. I hope you find comfort with the memories and lovely things that your sweet mama left you.