Saturday, August 9, 2014


Wish that I could make my Sunshine Cottage...
I'm on my I-Pad and I had took some photos from it to put on my post today, but there
Doesn't seem to be a way. It doesn't make any sense
So I'm annoyed. With....

I'm not happy with posting from my I-pad at all. I can't get the photos larger. Waste all that monies for not much.

Really mad.  Hope your having a wonderful day


  1. I never took the plunge and bought an iPad. I had a Kindle Fire, and it seems to do everything an iPad least that I need, but I rarely use it except to read books. Your pictures look pretty even if they aren't the size you wanted. Hope you are feeling more cheerful this weekend. I'm kinda feeling crappy and blue and itchy and hot. That's what happens to women of a certain age. Guess I'd better get used to it. ;)

  2. Well I don't have an IPad, Janice. But I have to tell you, your photos look really lovely. Susan

  3. I think that your photos are stunning! I don't work on an IPAD but I can understand the frustrations that come along with technology!!!! Wishing you an outstanding week friend! Nicole xo