Monday, August 4, 2014

So I ran off the Salvation Army/Goodwill

I came to Mama's in the morning to do my bible study. . . And soon after I thought I know that I should but I have this huge urge to.. So I thought to myself I need to go get gas and being lol that the Salvation Army is right around the corner from there might as well go.. I don't have to buy anything. I can just look.. So off I went out the door Jumped in the car and off I went.. Not really expecting to get anything...I arrived there and Wow to my surprise they have gotten extremely expensive I couldn't believe how rediculous the prices were.. I huffed and puffed at them.. just insane.. Might as well go to Ross and buy some things... There were several things I wanted but wasn't about to pay that price.. If that was the case I could just have went on Ebay and paid there prices.. just silly.. I did manage to get a couple of things...

This is a comforter.. like brand new, but before this I looked at another and I almost chocked they wanted 30.00 dollars for this warn crappy one.. and I thought when I saw this it would be the same if not more.. But guess what it was only ten dollars.. That's it just ten.. I was like this one is made much much better a better quality and more newer and yet it was only ten dollars.. but of course I didn't complain to long I snatched it off the hanker and went on.. being perfectly happy.. I bought this and a tupperware blue pitcher and an older White one from tupperware.. which was in great condition.. I always make sure I smell them as well to make sure they weren't used for some odd things.. lol.. but they where perfectly find.. I also found one more good deal.. and Johnson brother's church hill plate in Blue & White which I forgot to take a photo of.. It was marked 7.50 which is still great but it happened to be 50 percent off.. So that was a awesome deal.. satisfied with what I had found but a little bit sad because there were other things I would have bought but too expensive.. So I thought what the heck the Goodwill's not to far I'm going to see what they have today haven't been there for a while to this one.. I always seem to find good Linens there.. and it's not a big place and their Linens are always so cheap..

I first found these adorable little lucheon sets.. so cute.. there was six but I only got four.. and get this they are only 2.49 ea.  Fabulous .. they are just to cute.. can't wait to use them...

Underneath are Valances, lovely browns, burgandy oranges, Little bits of greens.. they are beautiful in my opinion.. with tassels and beads.. .. for only $2/49 ea.  but these are brand new.. they have to go to the cleaners but honestly I think they are well worth it.. I doubt the cleaning will be that much for four of them..

Then I found this lovely Iron stone Pitcher.. It a bit larger in person.. It's really beautiful and great conditon as well I did pay 4.00 dollars for it but I wanted it cause you just don't see them anymore and I have been waiting.. It's nice and heavy.. It's stamped on the bottom but I can't make it out..

And what about these Hydreageous.. they look real.. but there not.. Some lady said she wanted to take them from me.. lol They were  $2.49.. and look close to the right side of the photo.. and Avon piece.. all the parts weren't there but I loved it just the same and 99 cents who can go wrong..

So pretty...

I have a Turquoise one, with the little bowl and top..

But I just had to have this one.. in Blue.. 
well O I almost forgot the last thing I found there.. and it had no price marked on it.. 
So I asked and the Man told me hold on cause he was busy.. 
I brought it up to the counter and told him I'm pretty sure that I want it so hold it for me  

Here's the top of it, Isn't it pretty and so Victorian looking, can you guess what it is???

The front, it has several knicks but I really don't care I fell in Love with it lumps and bumps and all
well he told me it was 15.00 I was like really it has so many scrapes etc.. So I told him what about 10.00
He yelled for the manager and she came over. And I asked her can we go down to 10.00 or something.. it has many knicks.. She looked at it and said 11.99 and I said great and sold.. lol It's perfect for Mama's Rose cottage.. 

It just fit into the trunk.. Phew thank goodness.. with the Comforter to the right.. was so happy .. 
So Off I drove with a good feeling now. the Conforter is drying already and I have the little truck inside the kitchen for now.. I left everything inside for now..
For safe keeping so to speak.. It was a good day in all 
Bible study we accomplished a lot 
and I'm satisfied now..
Have a wonderful evening
with love 
p.s I also forgot to tell you I had picked up the new Romantic Homes.. Guess what was featured inside? 

That little Blue Avon bottle, they featured the whole piece but I thought it to be a funny coincidence..

Night friends...


  1. You always manage to find such beautiful items, dear Janice :) I love that white pitcher!

    Have a beautiful day, sweet one.

  2. Nice haul! And there are no coincidences! I love it when things like that happen.

  3. It was good to see you visiting at my blog yesterday. I'm so sorry about your mom.

    This is a fun post getting to see all the pictures of your beautiful finds! That was so neat that your little Avon pitcher was featured in Romantic Homes! (I love that magazine, by the way.) That was awesome! :)

    Hope you are having a good week. The summer sure is going by fast!

  4. OMG! You did good my friend, such gorgeous finds, wow. I love the nice thing that happened, there's always a reason, right? Look at the ironstone white pitcher, a bargain! Thanks for your sweet and kind visit, sweetie.
    I am now gonna become a can follow if you want...all the way at very end of my blog, lol!
    Big hugs,