Thursday, August 21, 2014

a lovely trip to the Goodwill....

O I kno.. but it's okay.. I just had to get them.. Not knowing what they were new or antique but I kind of had a feeling they were old.. But I bought them because I just loved them.  They reminded me of Chandeliers...

Just love the sparkle and shinny of them...the only pieces they didn't have were cereal bowls.. they had these flower ones so I took them...
They had more but I just took enough for four place setting, but now I'm wondering maybe I should had took them all.. but to late now, and they were so cheap. 2.49 for the large dinner plate the other pieces 99 cents.. 

They also had this wonderful serving bowl with they had two, but I only took one thinking that maybe the next person who bought the rest would want it.. trying to be thoughtful here..

I picked up these two little clear glass candle holders as well, Mama has some tall old clear glass ones they will all look lovely together...

Large dinner Plates...

Flat soup bowls.. which I really like I have many of them in different patterns.  

They are Depression glass.. the name to these lovely dishes is called KIG Malaysia  " Fleur De Lis." Lariat Design... Nice name huh.. I thought so to.. They want 11.95 for a plate I paid 2.49 nice.. Plus 11.99 for shipping.. O my and on line they have tea cups and saucers to match but the price with shipping is like 25... and they have a large round flat fruit bowl.. but that's 35.00 plus shipping .. boo hoo.. maybe one day in the future you can't get everything.. right. I did find four cereal bowls that I bid on for 6.95.. hopefully I get them shipping is only 11. 95 so not to bad.. everythings a wait and see .. If I don't I'm not worry because I have the little flower bowls which are cute.. I had the large salad bowl to those little bowls but gave it to my daughter in law I believe.. o well lol..

I do have something else to share with you.. I could not stop myself I just really really had to.. here take a peek....

This was a little bit.. but I told myself I don't care.. I did get the seller to lower it 20 dollars.. I wanted a red one from Avon forever but they stopped making it.. so here I'am with this.  It will be on it's way.. When and If "I pray" get Mama's house all fixed I'm going to have a small party with family ( My children and grandchildren to celebrate and maybe a few neighbors and friends ) I intend to use this.. I'm so in love with it.. It also has blue hooks and a blue laddle to match.. How elegant Mama loved Carnival glass.. wish she could be here to see it all... All I want is to fix this little cottage and make Mama proud.. she never could fix it and I while she was alive tried to but it never stayed clean.. I finally gave up after 35 years... she would always just one more time.. but I just couldn't no more.. I was tired and broken. and remain that way now.. So I pray big that God my Lord and Father will help see me through it all.. so at least before I die I can see it complete.. Well enough of that.. so I hope I find you all well and I hope you enjoyed your visit with me.. 
with love 

p.s. now I think I need that doily that's on my doily blog made by Michael... I believe it will match my punch bowl..

Here it is.. will match perfect.. so now I know I need to make one too.. Enjoy your day


  1. Beautiful finds. I especially like the punch bowl set, it's just lovely. You will get there, just have faith my friend......God is in the business of bringing broken back together. Blessings

  2. I can not believe that you got all of those pieces for that price! They are gorgeous and were meant to go to you for sure! Beautiful friend! And I hope that all of your dreams come true! Nicole xo

  3. Hi dear friend, wow, you had fun. Love your finds. I know they are at a good home now! Enjoy them.


  4. Oh I really like your crystal plates and dishes.
    It's so fun to get new old dishes we love
    I have a complete set of 8 in the pattern Iris & herringbone crystal depression glass. I have had it for years and now going to sell it since downsizing

    the punch bowl is really pretty I just sold my pitcher and glass set that would match it