Friday, October 3, 2014

Lovely Autumn

Autumn/Fall, My most favorite time of year in all the seasons..for me there is nothing better.  I love the crisp clean feeling that the air gives.. It's funny how you can really feel the change in the air.. So I have pulled out my Homer Laughlin Theme dishes.. which I love, it has a old Country feeling to me.. I wonder who they belong to before me... I often think
And I Love the sweet boquet of flowers on them...
 I also adore the Embosement around the edging of the plates and the outside of the cups..
I ended up using just White plates, Green Goodwill plates, and Yellow bowls from Ross. I did keep the Theme tea cups.. and I found while digging in my storage the bakelite utensils..I had been looking for them for a while now.  I had found them of course on Dad's truck years ago and whole bag full.. the color is not as vivit as it is in real life.. the Orange placemats are really Orange.
I used my doily that I made.. If you don't know I had a crochet along on my Crocheting Blog last month and It was really fun.. My crocheting blog is @  ( My crocheting blog address )
Here's the doily, a more closer view of it..
I used my Yellow Rose Chintz tea pot which I totally love it came from far away from a woman who didn't wish to mail to the U.S, but I literally pleaded with her I have love this tea pot for almost 22 years.. It was often featured in the Victoria Magazine back in 1993, finally got one for a really great price and she said only because I wanted so much she knew it was going to be in a good home.. Indeed!! It also had a Creamer and Sugar bowl.. I later purchased two bread and butter plates.. I have yet to buy a tea cup & saucer for they run around 45.00 dollars a set.. One day real soon.. The Homer Laughlin Tea pot is very rare that goes to the Theme dishes. I saw one which was already sold on Ebay.. boo hoo. and I have also seen a plain one.  But I would much rather find the matching one.. then I would have a complete set of the Theme...
Can you see my tiny tea pot.. It's a little tea strainer... so cute they had them at the tea shop.. Speaking of the Tea Shop, I have been wanting to go there and trying not to.. lol It's terrible.. But it's so one of my favorite places... I have only a few more tea pot that I really want.. shhhhh don't let no one hear.. I want a Lacey Silver one... like cut out and I want a Green with something like with Roses and I think maybe a clear Tea pot to match my Clear glass depression dishes..
 Sweet little birds I found at the Flower Nursery.. and glass leaf candle holders
I wish the color had came more true.. Hey lol I can see the fork turned over.. Isaiah must have been playing with Grandma's utensils.. Hummm .. busy little guy and sneaky at that.. Well I hope that you are all doing well my fellow bloggers I know it's been a while but I have been home lets say being in another world as for the Life of cleaning my Mom's things became over wheleming needed some unwind time.. but home is some spring cleaning as well.. and I still can't seem to get it all done.. So much to be done and not enough of me to do it specially these days. . I just don't have no more energy.  I'm really tired out Physically and mentally.. DoNe!! I try my best to hold on to Jehovah God for guidance and help.. and think One day at a time and do what I can.. Maybe some where along the line a miracle will come..

With Love Janice....


  1. Your table looks beautiful! I absolutely love both of the teapots you lovely -- and the cup and plate too. You have some really pretty things. Wishing you lots of love and energy to do what you need to. Hugs...

  2. I love your table setting, so full of Autumn colors!

  3. Thank you Pammysue and Sylvia have a wonderful day...

  4. You have a wonderful knack for pulling things together. It is a lovely table, and we should all dress up and have a tea party..a virtual one anyway. That doily is lovely. I need to make a fall doily.

  5. What a pretty and inviting table Janice. That Homer Laughlin pattern is beautiful. I love the autumn colors you incorporated to the table setting.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so grateful and thankful for your sweet comment. It would be lovely if we could all meet someday. We all have so many things in commons and a passion for all things beautiful and worn. I just posted my most recent flea market find. Gorgeous table linens. Stop by for a look.

    Have a blessed week.


  6. I love your fall tablescape!

  7. nice post janice, saw your making progress renewing your moms sure the final results will be very have the gift of decorating...blessings from holland

  8. I love fall as well! Your table and all of the pretties on it are just beautiful! Keep enjoying this beautiful time of the year!