Thursday, August 7, 2014

Just A Bit Of Sunshine

So as I sat here yesterday I seemed to be full of sadness...  and felt really down. So I told myself I needed 
to get up and go but my mind and body wasn't really wanting to..
But I pushed me into the shower and out the door, and I ended up at Ross Store..

And look what I found.. but they only had one four place setting left they were all gone..

One set of plates and one set of bowls let... so I snatched them up they also had one set of salad plates 
left but I lefted them behind..
I have some plain white ones to change it up a bit..
but I really like them I brought them to Mama's house to cheer me up from the drabby dishes here..

I love all the colors.. so brite and pretty like sunshine...

When I walked around the corner next isle, I found these on sale for just 3 dollars.. I was like should I,
lol there only 3 dollars ok I told me..

Looked up and found this cute Turquoise pitcher.. cute I said to me.. It was marked down too.. nice
if I want I can put flowers in it.. 

and the Orange Gravy boat so cute, they remind me of Fiesta ware. I was just looking at Fiesta ware on Pinterest.. and saying later I want to purchase some .. I have Pink salad bowl and sm bowls and salt and pepper.. all in Pink
but would like some blues and who knows.. 
But this will do for now, I really needed to see some brite color..

All in all I think I spend 29.00 dollars for the lot.. Not bad for some sunshine.. 

A quick dinner of sunshine.. 
Happy Thursday 
with love 

p.s. A little Fiesta ware.. wish it was mine..


  1. Nothing likt a little shopping therapy to pick one up. Love those beautiful bright dishes. Maybe I need some of those. I'm glad you felt better after getting out, works for me too ;) blessings

  2. Janice- these dishes really are a ray of sunshine- they are gorgeous. So glad you found them--- so glad they helped to make you happy. The photos are stunning!

  3. Love it all, Janice. Bright, perky, perfect for the new digs.

    You did well!

    I love shopping when I'm feeling down. It is an immediate pick-me-up! ha! Susan

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