Saturday, August 2, 2014

Visit to the Tea Thrift shop....

* ~ ` First of all let me share my new tea pot with you.. I have been wanting one of these forever now.. They are Sadler tea pots.. but they have all kinds of variations of this the ring part come in different colors patterns ect.. but late last night when I was up online surfing.. I found this one for only 20.00 and no shipping.. I just love it.. It reminds me as Grandmother's house.. so sweet..  So yesterday I decided to get up and get out on this house and air my overloaded brain out.. Funny I thought how everyone thinks my Mama left me some grand great thing.. No Not she left me a huge grand headache.. So anyhow I needed a break from it all.. So I left as is in some old clothes that were clean no doubt but a big raggity.. for cleaning but I didn't care .. I jumped in the car and off I drove a couple miles if that to the Tea shop.. It had just opened they didn't have much. but I found some lovely things.

 One being these lovely sheer gloves with eyelet lace on top.. they fit me just perfect, You say where am I going to wear them to.. Church a tea party just wear them.. they are wonderful.. perfect for me.. Seems as if I browsed around for hours but I'm sure it was a hour...

I found this golden yellow table cloth. .I have  Blue & White and and Turquoise and White..  but the others don't have crocheted edgings on them.. it's very sweet in great condition...

A little later I turned to the other side, and found a basket with old photos, which I had picked up a few in another place ... I thought I would put them on the wall in my new room if and when that happens.. she is dressed in white lace.. she just needs my gloves..  very pretty lady..

And look at this.. Right next to the photos, there was this like a three drawer thing but covered in a beautiful worn Rose paper that had the three drawers but it wasn't wide it was maybe 8 inches wide.. so lovely it had doilies inside.. and after I was finished looking and didn't see anything that I wanted.. I caught a glimpse of something Blue and of course right away I turned back and looked further inside to find this dear thing.. I was so thrilled to pull it out and it was in perfect condition.. it was either 6 or 7 but for me was well worth it if I can copy it.. and I believe I can.. Next project I'm sure hehehe... I'm in love with it.. but it's made with even a finner thread not sure if I can do that.. but will see either way I can still use larger thread and make it.. ..

Can wait to get started.. it will be a while though I'm just finishing up a doily.. which you can visit my crocheting blog to see @  Just click the link and it will take you there.. I have been showing you how to make it so several post down it starts.. Check it out... Now back to my goodies..

So at the Tea shop, I found this which I had been looking for a Red tea pot Plain ole Red and it's a newer one but just the same I like it.. it's a deep Red.. I found a Old 50's Runner to match..

It's a lovely runner...

I washed everything up and got my new hammered tray and this morning served me tea in my new Red pot and used my Rose Chinz Tea cup.. they matched just fine..

I really love this pattern.. it works well with different Tea pots..

Isn't this cute, this was down under something and it was only 4 dollars.. it has a little rust around the edges of the rim but the inside is clean.. I just think it gives it a little more character.. I was thinking to give it to my older Daughter..

As I was signing out to go, I caught glimpse of this.. so sweet.. It's for your lose tea.. you fill it and put it into your tea cup then pull it out and place it on the it's little tray.. I had to have one.. I would like to get a couple of more for a Tea Party.. 
I love it.. so cute great idea..

And there was this little cute Southern bell runner.. with Red trim.. lol I think I was on a Red Day..
Cause I bought this too.
two Apron's Red & White 
Yellow and White one too.
so maybe a Red & White and Yellow & White thing..

Sweet Pockets.. 

Look at all the work on it.. it's almost like new..   the Red & white a little bit worn.

I think it was  a great get away..   don't you

O I can't forget my bag made by a local person.. so sweet.. I remember they had the flower quilt part for sale they had several.. she must have bought them and made the bags.. I'm always happy to support a local person's items..
 but this is just too cut and everything I bought fit nicely inside..

was a good idea..

Part of a tea towel with sweet Embroidery on it.. they made it a large pocket in the front..

 and last on the corner and sweet crocheted flower.. Loving it totally.. 

It all fit inside perfectly and off I went out the door feeling much at ease and happy for all the wonderful things I found and were able to purchase.. 
Happy Saturday
with love 
p.s. off to write the last directions of the 
bye now.
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post won't be for a while though

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  1. I would have loved to have been shopping with you in that store! Everything you got is wonderful. Can't tell you how much I like everything. The little hat doily you should be able to copy pretty easily. Love the "Mother" teapot you ordered! Very sweet. Glad you had a good shopping day and hope it cleared your head a bit. One foot in front of the other...