Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Autumn is on it's way... Yay..

Hello everyone, I have been home at my original house sort of spring cleaning so to speak.. It was a dusty busty mess.. Im getting ready for Autumn and Fall.. my most favorite time of year.. I just adore it.. So I have changed my room to Browns and Pinks and Beiges some Roses.. My photos didn't come out how dark they looked in my phone which I thought to be strange should have used my I-pad..
 Alittle bit rusty color too.. I haven't finished yet just accomplished the bed and linens..and the same nite stand, I added a Small Banner to the Wall above the bed, which I purchased from a blogger, but I can't remember the name and I forgot the card with her name on it.. so silly of me.. I will tell you later because I want her to get the credit for her banner, it's so sweet..
It's just a small banner, but so sweet.. I love it, the colors are very vibrant only my photo's just aren't showing it.. the photo's don't do it any justice.
 There this is a bit better.. it's tied with sweet vintage ribbons... Sage green and a dark pink.. 
 O so pretty they are.................
Going down the line.. 
When I woke up this morning everything felt wonderful and clean and crisp.. Just like Autumn

Duevet covers are so nice to have for the fact you can purchase them they don't take up as much room as quilt or comforters..therefore you can buy many of them..
I found this lovey brand new brown one months back at the second hand store and later found some nice lighter brown shams.. 
then recently I found a multi quilt looking kind of sham with browns beiges and a bit of rust.
and yesterday when I was cleaning the hall closet I found some Roseish brown throw rugs.. nice.. 
they all mix in together and perfect for Autumn/Fall
My tea set Mama bought for me we never got to use it because I was looking for tea cups to match
It was expensive. We were suppose to have a tea party with them just me and her.. 
well I guess when I find the cups and saucers I will have to have one in her memory.

"Dear sweet Mama how I miss you
when the days are long,
I think of you,
when they are sunny 
I think of you
when it's just any time
I think of you
Your always in my mind
always in my thoughts
I'm surround by you
every moment of the day
and night
I always think of You
Love you Dear sweet Mama..."
"Rest In Peace"
I hope your getting ready for Autumn/Fall
with love 


  1. Beautiful room, so restful and peaceful. Love the banner and I hope you find the teacups for your set, it is so pretty!

  2. Oh my, sweet Janice, what a lovely room :) And the banner is beautiful - I love it!

    Blessings and hugs to you!

  3. Even in Florida, I felt a change in the air yesterday and today! I love Fall, too, although here it doesn't put on a big colorful show. Your bedroom looks so pretty, cozy and restful! You are a good decorator!

  4. What a beautiful roon Janice. Everything came together wonderfully. I know it must be hard missing your mama so. Yes, do have that memorial tea party.....I think it will bless you. I have promised my own mama a tea party celebrating our birthdays together, hers was in July and mine August. We haven't had it yet, but I hope soon. Just haven't had the time to get it together. Blessings friend

  5. Hi! I love fall too. Your bedroom is very romantic, sweet and charming. The bunting is just gorgeous

  6. Hi Janice...your pix are just fine. I wish I could come and visit you. Everything is so lovely. We had another hot week here in OR, but we have clouds this morning and it feels soooo good.