Saturday, June 8, 2013

The place I call the Tea House, Love Joy's Attic

A little place on the corner, Of a San Francisco street where the street car passes by. Surrounded by brick and marble and old fashioned store front,  the most delightful place you would want to go visit...I know it's always the place that I yearn to go visit.  Pretty things hanging in the windows. I can't wait to visit And I often
do.. on a regular basis.   When you walk in it's full of Tea cups and Pots and Apron's, Dishes, Teas, Hats, Gloves, Pretty delicate Handkerchiefs..There are Linens, Table cloths and books for Tea.  And just cabinets full of pretty things...  This is the place I call the Tea House...

This is  a Pretty Pink tea Pot with Gold trim and a touch of white..very pretty she sits in a Pretty white cabinet. I just love going here. I'd probably buy more things if I had the money and a place to put them. I have become quite fond Of Love Joy's Attic... and the young ladies are very sweet and warm.. Everyone actually ...
It's not a very huge space, but it packed with the most beautiful things.. Displays that fill your surroundings.. I could be there all day
This cabinet holds rows of beautiful Tea Cups & Saucers.......

Even the windows are filled with precious things...
There is a tiny room in the very back with holds many lovely teas for your convenience...

So if your ever in Beautiful San Francisco come to visit Love Joy's Attic you won't regret it... By the way just across the street is their actual Tea Room.  That I have never attended but are planning to very soon..

 Pretty... I could wallow in Tea cups & Pot & linens and such...
I purchased this very same Tea pot with the original lid but I think this is so sweet with the other lid..
I'm now crocheting a doily to match this Tea pot of mine. It was my inspiration.  

Here is my pot that I purchased from Love Joy's Attic and later I purchased some Tea cups to match.. I found my Pot sitting in a white glass cabinet as soon as you walk in.. I love it I think it's my favorite

It's not finished yet but it's featured on my new Crocheting Blog @

So don't hesitate to go and visit them when your here in San Francisco
The Tea Room is @
1351 Church St
    (between Clipper St & 26th St)
  San Francisco, CA 94114
    Neighborhood: Noe Valley
 (415) 648-5895
 And just directly across the street is the Attic
You surely won't miss it
Photos courtesy of others except for my own.
thank you... 
Hope to see you there, I also hope that you enjoyed your visit at Love Joy's
Wishing you all a lovely weekend.. I have to go get ready to go to Love Joy's Attic 
with love Janice

                   I will later meet you in the Garden for Tea "wink"


  1. Very interesting post and now wonder you love this little shop. It looks so much filled with lovely things. The tea room looks so nice; I am hungry from seeing the tier tray full of goodies!

  2. Thanks for showing the tea shop. They have many pretty items! I have always wanted to go to a tea room. It is my dream one day. Take care, Darlene

  3. What a gorgeous tea room! I just love going to them. Have a lovely week.

  4. Hi Janice, oh what a wonderful shop! You really found a gem of a store. What beautiful pictures, everything looks so inviting. I could spend half a day in there! I love your doily too. I saw it over on your other blog. I think the black was such a nice touch, it really makes the rose stand out. It matches your new tea pot wonderfully. I had a little tea party last friday. It was actually a Sewing Bee but I set up a buffet table with finger sandwiches and an assortment of little deserts. I took all my tea cups out and the guests got to pick which one they wanted to use. I served Black Current tea and a special blend I got from a tea shop, made with peach, apricot, brandy and mint. There were about ten of us, and everyone brought their own projects to work on and we visited the evening away. I hope you have a lovely and restful evening ahead. With Love, Delisa :)

  5. Wish I lived close enough to visit! Just beautiful! I stopped by your crochet blog...........Love it!! You are so talented with thread and hook!

  6. Its a beautiful little shop,if I was near this,I know I would go for a visit....thanks for sharing,I can see why its your favorite :) I like all the things you found thrift shopping,that you shared in one of your previous post. Such a fun thing to do,isn't it? Blessings