Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fluffy Rose Homer Laughlin

 I love this pattern. It's Homer Laughlin Fluffy Rose. I purchased these four plates the other day and they will

be on there way in the mail. I only paid $11.00 for the four. The only thing is I'm not sure that they bare the stamp on the back. But it's ok if they don't for that price. I have been wanting these for a long while now. They made these in and around the 1940's I believe it was. I also ordered a Sugar Bowl & Creamer..

The flowers just remind me of a lite breeze blowing and the flowers softly are swaying ... sitting under the tree in my garden...

These are the next pieces I hope to get.. A Cup & Saucer with a berry bowl...Serving bowl..

 Such a lovely serving bowl...Of course I will add more pieces to give me a full set of 4 or maybe 6...
Well today I'm leaving Mom's and going on home. I will be back maybe on Sunday I'm not sure yet, But till then I wish you a lovely day and weekend to come.
                                                       with love Janice
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  1. Your new china is so pretty and delicate Janice and I love the colours..I hope you find more pieces to your set...they are treasures!
    Susan x

  2. I don't think I have ever seen this pattern and it is very pretty!Enjoy!

  3. Hi Janice...thanks for stopping by my blog! I am on the way to getting back to blogging.
    I LOVE your dishes. I love fellow dish nuts! You can never have too many dishes! LOL