Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Clean up in the Garden

I spent most of the day cleaning up in the Garden it's seems as if the leaves never go away..I get just a few moments of cleanness then poof here they are again all over. The wind has been blowing as if it was March.
Our weather goes from one thing to the next.. I decided to change my little Garden Table to Pink and  beige.. but I couldn't seem to find my Beige table round.. So this is how I left my poor little resting nook under the tree..

The birds have been pulling my baskets apart this one isn't to bad..boy but my other one which I forgot to get a photo of is just barely hanging on.

My second Garden is growing well now.. the Tomato plants are doing good and my Tomatillos are making blooms all over

Zucchini's are getting big and already has flowered and I have a few Zucchini making.  Soon they will be ready for cooking ...

The Tomatillos

O my I lost my Gladiolus photos...darn well they are popping up all over the Garden and I just love them..
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                                    Wishing you a lovely Wednesday with love Janice


  1. Your garden is coming along beautifully dear friend. Enjoy the bounties from it....nothing like growing ones own food. Blessings

  2. Your garden is coming along nicely, and the flowers are so vibrant. Love the little basket they are in.