Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just a Few Little things..

   So good morning everyone...... I'm still here at Mom's but shall be leaving today for home... I hate to leave sometimes and specially now Mom is not doing well.. Her breathing is getting worse and worse.. So now I pray that she just have comfort in every way... I don't wish for her to suffer anymore than she should which in my opinion is none ..

     Love Joy's Attic, well you already know it's my most favorite place these days... but here are a few things that I picked up. Some sweet little tea towels.. You know the tea towels were so delicate back when... the packages of Hydrangea are from Ross, I couldn't resist them they just seem to fit in .. and they smell good too! I know my photos didn't come out to clear..My phone isn't doing to good again..I think it's temperamental hehe I do .... 

Here are a few more things The flower pieces are I believe a set for the couch I don't know for sure though.. but I liked the Embroidery on them... I also like the edging It's what I call sparkle thread which you can't find these days.. I love our ex local second hand store for that simple reason I could always find threads from back in the day... Miss it just terribly Me and Mom spent many of afternoon's rummaging through the whole place... they just seemed to have a little bit of everything.. I think often how I got a lot of linen there nice bath towels.. like new people would just get tired of the pattern etc... 

 Joyful colors................

My photos are a little bit unclear sorry for that ... but the top photo is a white tea towel with crocheted egding and white embroidery on it very sweet .... I had just washed it all by hand and it came off the clothes line.. now some ironing is needed..The last photo is a little bag with a ribbon pull.......and a small round.......

Some cut lace... I love this 

A small piece with an Embroidered little Southern Lady..

I tried to get a better photo..here you can see how delicate they are I love the two pink ones they have  pretty little lace above the pink border... and another white one with such tiny crocheted edging on it..amazing ... 

And of course I just love these they have some staining, I tried to get it off, but really I don't mind.. I just wonder who used them what were they like and what did they use them for... I can imagine them in the evening crocheting them up... maybe sitting in a rocking chair....


My Rose plate.. and some Homer Laughlin Fluffy Rose plates behind and a Strange condiment plate, it has no markings on it and the material is like clay in a sort on the back side.. It seems to be very old. I love it though and I only paid $6.00 for it. Even if I never use this one I really like it... And i pretty much use all my things... 

Well here's wishing you a lovely day, It's I don't what kind of weather here in San Francisco, A little bit fog, some clouds and sun..go figure... someone had  just said I think Mother Nature is on Drugs......me too...
Enjoy your week as well I will be back towards the end of the week.. thank you for you lovely comments 
with love Janice
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  1. Such pretty linens and lace - lovely photos, Janice :) Thanks for sharing. I will be praying for your mom.

    Love and hugs!

  2. Such lovely things you find Janice. I really like the "Southern Lady" :) Saying a prayer for your mom. I too am heading back home today,after a week at my parents home. Blessings

  3. What beautiful eye candy!! I love the embroidery on those towels..........so sweet! Hope your mom does better. Prayers your way!

  4. Hi Gina, such beautiful linens! You really found some wonderful pieces. I found something very special at our Antique Barn yesterday. I am so excited about it. It is a beautiful queen sized, thread crocheted bedspread, in a delightful eggshell color. There were a few tiny stains, but all the motifs were tight with no holes! I washed it carefully and it brightened up and looks brand new. I have it laying across the guest bed. It is so rare to find one in such good condition. It is like a giant doily! :) It was so nice that you got to go up and spend some time with your Mom, she sounds like a very dear person, and you are a very loving daughter. I'll be keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. With Love, Delisa

  5. Hi Janice, I realized I just introduced my last comment to you, by calling you Gina, I'm so sorry. I had just wrote a message on Gina's blog and I got the names mixed up. Please forgive me! :) With Love, Delisa

  6. Hi Janice, your blog posts are just so beautiful. I don't know why you don't have tons of followers! You do a lovely job.
    How is you mother?
    How are you?
    I will keep you both in my prayers this week.

  7. hi janice has being a long time i found you again..i have a hobby blog now its in dutch still i enjoy it

    sometimes i do crochet
    i follow you now.

    would be glad friend if you visit
    i can learn a lot of your

    im practicing on amigurumi
    right now wich is very difficult (lol)

    blessings and greetings to your family


  8. Everything here is a feast for the eyes! Just beautiful and your pictures are always so pretty with gorgeous composition!

    You asked about transferring the embroidery patterns - I did it the hard way. I darkened the lines with a photo editing program, printed, taped to a window, and traced with a pencil. I ended up with tired arms and lines off a bit, but I was anxious to stitch and didn't want to wait to buy supplies...I think transfer paper would make it much easier, although I haven't tried it yet. But next time, I will. :) Thank you for stopping by and for your comment!