Saturday, June 29, 2013

How about a pink Saturday all the way around

So lets be Pink today... Good morning It's going to be a hot day here in San Francisco... Mom I think will be coming home today  she has good spirit but doesn't sound to good.. This is so tuff. But at any rate I decided to post My Pink Tea pot again......... and cheer me up..

I love this pink cup I have had it for years and never  had a saucer for it .. but found this one and I think it goes well. 

When I found it I found a whole stack of bread and butter plates as they call them and one cup and saucer and a creamer .. I still haven't found out the name of them.. but have been looking for it. I really like my new Pink tea pot.. and I think the pieces match good..

Here is the creamer I used it to hold a few Ginger cookies...I love the little tiny blue and pink flowers and roses it has some yellow ones as well.. I wish I could find the name to get more pieces.. I have seen it in the past it seems in the back of my mind but it has no markings as a lot of things don't .. like my Granny dishes which I finally found out the name....

I wish that I was home and could pull out my Pink tea pot and make a tray and have breakfast in the Garden I bet it's lovely this morning .. I can hear the birds singing her at Mom's from the kitchen.. Maybe tomorrow I can go home for a while ........... I'm not sure what care Mom's going to need at this point... I feel very lazy this morning didn't sleep to good.. and I scrub Mom's house so much the other day it just tired me.. so I think I will just be lazy till or if I have to pick her up.. I hope that you all have a wonderful Saturday hopefully Pink.. 
            ~   Hugs n Kisses and much love from afar... to you.. and many Blessings   ~

My newest Sachet.. ~ PInk ~ PInk ~ PInk ~ so pretty it is.. check my Crocheting blog for more photos..


  1. stopping in for a quick chat...the pink teapot is perfect! And your little sachet is gorgeous. Enjoy
    your time at Mom's, we'll be here whenever you get back.

  2. your are in the pink today Janice. Your little set is so pretty. Hope all goes well with your mum. xx

  3. Hi Janice, I get in "pink" moods too! :) I love your tea pot. I just recently got a new pink tea cup. It has an extra amount of gold trim and a rose in the bottom of the cup. I love drinking out of it. I am so glad to hear that your mother is getting to come home from the hospital. I know it will be wonderful for her to be home again and sleep in her own bed. I hope she will be able to rest comfortably. It is so nice that you can be there for her. Please give her our love and best wishes. Delisa :)

  4. Thank you so much everyone I'm glad to hear from You Faith. and Jeanette and thank you very much Delisa I appreciate the warm thoughts for Mom.