Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My finds at Salvation Army..and some changes

Well last time I took Mom to the Doctor's I ran inside Salvation Army and found a few things ... Like two of these little saucers which I have been needing for quite some time now.. was really glad it was dollar day on plates. They are old Japan and they match my cups perfect...

                                     I have never seen this Madain Japan,  First time ?

 Here's my cup and I love the match, It was quite exciting there were actually 3 but the other on had a chip on it. I actually should have kept it... to use for Mosic tile..So now I can use these for tea..

Here's is the other little piece I found not sure what it was used for but it's from Holland.. I thought like crackers if you want or cookies things like that. ..

I also found another Bell, which I love it was only $1.39 I have one already but it's just a little bit different. I was so happy to find this.. The cashier liked it to.. So with this it inspired changes in the kitchen.
I re-did the kitchen shelve and table as well ..

I changed everything to straight Blue & White and I love it all. before I had some Turquoise..
One of my favorite things is my Calico cow...that I found several years ago for a couple of dollars actually my daughter saw it and told me..

I later found several bowls at a Garage and she had two egg cup and something else but she didn't want to give me a deal and at the time I didn't have the cash on me... I later went back and they had closed down forever...I was ever so sad... but I got the bowls..

I changed the Tea Pots as well..

One of my first Tea Pots I ever ordered..

A vintage Table cloth and Blue & White checkered mats.. Sadly it is starting to wear it's getting a tiny hole on one end of it. I have to figure out how to do repairs.. Maybe I can find it online like everything else..
A fresh bowl of fruit... with my new doily underneath..

Vintage Potholders...Well ladies I think that's it for today... wishing you a fabulous day..
                                                   with love Janice


  1. Lots of good bargains! Good for you! So glad you shared a link at Te In The Garden!

  2. It wasn't to much but thank you Bernideen... Happy Wednesday..

  3. What lovely blues, Janice! And the vintage pot holders are adorable! Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful evening.

    Hugs to you!

  4. Lovely bargains! The matching plate was a lucky find. I am so glad for you. Your shelves full of blue and white look amazing, just like in a magazine! So lovely.

  5. Hi: What great treasures you have found. Your posts are always so delightful. Thank you for sharing. Have a great week. Blessings, Mrtha

  6. What lovely treasures! They look nice in your home.

  7. so cute! love the post! ^^

  8. Janice,
    Your blue and white china always makes my heart sing. What a great find at the Salvation Army. One time I found a picture there of a girl that was so pretty - took it home with me, and still have it today.