Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Early Morning Sun ......

Good morning, Well It has been a lousy start off  to a beginning to a new week... Mom had to go to the hospital.. Her breathing has turned for the worse.. So all I can do is pray God will give her blessings and make it easy for her... Love you Mom..

It was sort of a blue morning the sun was peeping through the trees it must have been only 7am.. but the Sun was out and filling the Garden with it's blessings....the birds were quietly chripping and running about ... Playing in the water in the tiny leaf that sits on the little boy faeries lap... Three of them to be exact taking turns as they danced about in the water......
One of my favorite Blue & whites... 

Even the blue winged fairy came out to play in the early morning lite

Layers of linen...I love linen

 Cobalt blue.. My Favorite glass
Tea is ready in the Garden are you ready for a cuppa.  I know I'am... Pour me a hot cuppa and let's relax together and watch the birds for the rest of the morning... Just lets look and listen to all....Life is so precious !!!

Cream please, and one lump of sugar.... that's all I need.. 

Happy New week all my dear ones May your days be brighten with sunshine always..........Thank you always for all your sweet and precious comments I cherish them all..

                                 with Love  Janice

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  1. Oh Janice, I will be praying for your mom and for you. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

    Big hugs to you!

  2. Very pretty tea table! Praying your Mom will breath better and be home soon.

  3. What a sweet morning tea! I love all the blues and your pictures are so beautiful! My prayers go out to your Mom and hoping she will feel better soon.

  4. Hi Janice, your tea setting is lovely and welcoming. Blessings with you & your family during this time...I understand...it is difficult...been there. I don't get around to much on the blog anymore, and don't post to much either, nothing personal..you have a lovely blog, and do beautiful work....I'll try to stop around more often.

  5. Thank you everyone...Glad to hear from you Faith...

  6. Hope your mom feels better!! I love the pattern on this tablewares!!

  7. Janice:
    I am keeping your Mom in my prayers. This tea setting is so fresh and sweet. Very pretty vignette. I am so glad you shared at Tea In The Garden and that little fairy is so cute!

  8. Thank you Bernideen ... I try to set a nice little table.. and thank you Jennifer...

  9. Janice: I am so sorry about your Mother. I will be praying for her. Remember God is so faithful, He always hears us when we call. I love your very beautiful table. For some reason the blue seem so perfect for what you had to share. Sending lots of hugs, Martha

  10. Hello Janice,
    You have spoiled us with your gorgeous display of blue and white! How charming! I adore your tea pot as well. It all looks so glorious together.
    I am keeping your mother in my prayers. May she find the help she needs to be more comfortable.

  11. Thank you Martha and Terri... blessings to you all for your heartfelt prayers for my Mom... hugs

  12. Hello Janice,
    I'm so sorry about your mom and I will keep her in my prayers. Your morning tea is lovely with the pretty blue and white china.

  13. A pretty blue and white tea table. The fairy made me smile, they like to turn up when the tea's on, don't they?

  14. I love your blue & white transferware tea set! I hope your Mother is doing better. Take care.