Friday, June 28, 2013

A Summer Day... Happy Friday

Good Afternoon, It's finely a warm summer day.. But I'm sleepy today.  I had fell asleep last night and a couple hours later woke up and couldn't sleep so I got online and started surfing.. Looking at Crocheting blogs and I found a few nice ones.. I found this cute square like a coaster doily so I'm attempting it. I got the first part done and later I will feature it on my Crocheting blog..  My Grandson and Daughter in Law has come to visit today and it's nice because we haven't visited in a long while they moved away a few months ago not really far but far enough that we can visit so easily like before.. right now they are with Isaiah and Vee outside .. My Grandson Emiliano was with me in the Garden earlier helping me water and asking me a billion Questions Grandma why this and why that cute.. I been at Mom's but we popped over to my house to pick up Vee and Isaiah so we can all hang out at Big Grandmas house as they call her because she is their Great Grandmother...It's a very warm summer day today ... kind of nice

I just love this photo of my Pansy Tea cup.. It's a favorite.. It just fits my mood today...

This is the little doily I found to copy I love it.. I think I have got it but not positively .. we will see..

Look at this, I'm going to order this I'm just loving it I thing it will go nicely with my Rose Tea pot even though it's white and the tea pot is beige... No matter it will go with my White Rose Tea Pot as well. There are so many pieces I would like to get but can't afford them specially not all at once.  I have been looking for a just White Tea set but I haven't found the one I want so I'm patiently waiting ..I have been looking for a just White Tea set but I haven't found the one I want so I'm patiently waiting ..In the meantime I will just enjoy this piece..

Wishing you all a lovely day ... got to go now 
with love Janice

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  1. Hi Janice~
    Such a lovely post. I love all the purple. So happy you got to spend precious time with your daughter in law and grandson :) Your doily is gorgeous, like they always are. I did not know you had a crochet blog. I am heading there right now!
    Love to you,