Saturday, September 5, 2015

Me and I dont know

Janice Louise Corona
born January 15, 1958
I have no clue what I'm writing about today
I left my I-pad home with my photos that I did want to share with you..
This photo of me was a couple of weeks back ready for church.
The other nite while waiting for Vee in the car while she ran into Safeway
to buy milk
I called Mama's best friend..
Someone answered the phone and I asked was Dorthy there she said no she is not..
I asked did she know when she be home she replied with no she not coming
home she died..
My heart fell to the floor with sadness and pain like living 
mama's death all over again..
I asked this woman when did it happen she said in December..
and in my mind I thought I had spoke with her recently not 
realizing days had flew by be exact 
I asked about her husband she said he was there but sleeping and suffering from
kidney stone..
I then asked where is her daughter 
she said at home I thanked 
her with lumps in my throat and said I would call her daughter
but when I did there was no answer
I wondered why no one called me, but then I thought Cindy her daughter
was a bit messed up mentally from drug use etc.. 
It was a long evening my mind thought geez she passed eight months after 
coming to see mama just before she passed...
She was a wonderful woman...
Dorthy had 10 children a couple have died and a few messed up behind drugs
She was married to her childhood sweetheart.. 
her and mama met as small children and remained friends over the years
through thick and thin..
the moment she knew mama was dying she flew in her car to get here in her 70's as well
two hour drive but she had to come say goodbye.. Dorthy's death was unexpected
she died in her sleep..
I'm glad she didn't suffer at all..
I went home and cried it felt so horrible to know now life was really 
Different not mama was here nor her best friend..
Every time I saw her she hugged me and held me tight... and always had 
so much love to give...
Her and Mama did everything together at one point..
and Mama said they had tons of stories
 of driving far away to get a deal on some fruit or something..
and her kids were so busy.. 
I do remember one Arin he was a hand full she had to tie him
at times just to keep him safe
Really going to miss 
her as I miss Mama

It's truly a huge loss
It seemed as if she was my last link to Mama
and now your both gone..
Rest In Peace
Dorthy Barling.
To much Love With All my heart...
Dorthy saying good bye to Mama
Happy Weekend with love


  1. Oh Janice, I felt so sad for you, reading this post.

    At least you know that now Dorothy and your sweet Mama are together again and can look out for you and your family from the other realm of life.

    Your header is lovely.

    Take care, my friend, and know that she is in a far better place. Smile and be happy for the sweet memories you have of her. She sounded like a great lady, as was your Mama. Susan

  2. I' m so sad. I' m sure she' s now with your sweet mother.