Friday, August 28, 2015

Pretty Pink teatime....

Pretty Pink teatime... 
I had a wonderful afternoon Tuesday... I decided since this whole Summer I haven't been able to have tea in 
the Garden...
So I made teatime inside 
I woke up early and started in.  The night before I had been looking for recipes... but I do that
pretty much all the time anyways.. I love Susan Branch and all her drawings and watercolors.
I enjoy reading her blog and Willards
This is what I made Susan's Cream Scones
Orange Butter
and the Gingerbread Cake
Lemon Sauce
and the Lemon Linguine..
and I made my own Lemon Chicken
The teapot set I bought two years ago and I haven't been able to use it...
I think It's such a pretty set.  I had been looking for a  teapot with a pink band around
it and finally I have found it.. 
The Gingerbread Cake.. 
with the last large rose some berries from the back 
and some Apple mint leaves.. 
The Recipes are in her Autumn Book... 
It's so wonderful and colorful..
Susan Branch's Blog
just click on the link and it will take you there...
I love and adore baking..and Susan's Recipe books make it all even better. They are definitely alive.. 
mixing it all up ...
Out the oven.. and smelling heavenly..
And ready to serve...
Just a small tea for me and Vee and the boys.. 
This is my older grandson who lives with me Isaiah.. He is just loving the Cream Scones, I use mini chocolate chips because no one but me in my house like currants or raisins ...
He tried the cake and didn't seem to want any...Till yesterday evening when the Scones 
where all gone.. after Church me and him ate then had tea.. but he didn't like the tea either
so he decided milk would do the trick for him and a piece of 
Gingerbread Cake..
He spends a lot of time with me now he escapes from the bedroom and leave's little bother behind and chills 
with Grandma...
All different styles of plates the bottom is a USA plate probably from the 60's 
I found at a Goodwill...
then a Homer Laughlin plate from the teashop.. probably the first of things I saw and 
bought there..
then my newer set...
I think they all just do fine together
The sweet Homer Laughlin luncheon plate............
I love them.. as soon as I saw them I bought four all eight.. I had to buy four then have her hold 
the other four and she did so sweet to me..
Cream Scones a mixin... 

All the dry ingredients ready Flour, Salt, Baking Powder 
Added the mini chocolate chips
and the heavy whipping cream
So simple thank you Susan..
Next time I will be using the currants. .. 
because that's what I love...
Mix and pat them out 
and cut them out and place on a baking sheet..
It makes around ten Scones
Ready for the Oven...
All finished they smell so good...
what a morning in the house.. it smelled wonderful all day long.. it took a few hours to get 
everything all done..
So we had tea at 4:00 O'clock
I really really liked this Orange Butter which is Susan's recipe as well Yummie..
I liked it on the Gingerbread Cake.. 
Orange Butter...
This set has a lovely teapot sugar and creamer.. I believe eight Luncheon plates.. Four teacups and saucers
and one large plate
The teapot flowers are a bit different but they all look good to me..

Lemon Linguine..was very refreshing.. everyone loved it... 
Lemon Linguine recipe was found in this Summer Book..
Well I think that's it.. I just wanted to share my little tea party with you all
Wishing everyone 
a Fantastic 
Enchanting Weekend
with love
Good night


  1. What a lovely tea party...and you put so much work into it. The littlies will no doubt grow up tasting tea at least when they are with you, maybe they'll even get to like it.
    Have a nice day.


  2. Hi Janis, how lovely your table and goodies look. I also meant to say yesterday that your roses were so pretty! I love that Homer LaughlIn plate! What a good find! Such a pretty post I wish we lived close together.........I would be your constant visitor for tea! You had asked me previously about the morning glory tablecloth and I am sorry I forgot to reply to you. Yes, I am still embroidering on it.......almost through as well. When I get finished with it and the napkins, I will let you know first about it before I list if for sale. It is coming out very pretty! Thank you for asking . Have a beautiful weekend.

  3. I loved this post!! I have those two books from Susan Branch too. I love all her stuff. I will have to try some of these recipes. All of it looks SO GOOD and so pretty with all your pretty dishes and table settings. That lemon linguini is definitely going on my menu soon. So glad you get to spend so much time with your grandson. That is so sweet that he loves being with you. What a blessing.

  4. Lovely post!

    you got such inspiration, i loved the book of Susan is colorfull and delightfull to have it

    I am going to check in Holland if they sell it, de scones and cake looks delicious, keep posting your very talented, i got a fulltime job, but my desire is to be at home, more time to discovered recipes, and making my house a home...blessings Janice, have nice sunday..

  5. What a wonderful tea time, Janice! I'm sure your little grandson loved all the yummy goodies. Your dishes are just so pretty and so feminine, and they all blend so well together. I bought Susan Branch's Autumn book also, and am looking forward to trying some recipes from it.

  6. Oh my GOODNESS, Janice. Wish I could come for tea. You really did a fabulous job making Susan's recipes. All looked divine. Bet that little fellow loves coming to tea with you. WOW WOW WOW He's a lucky little fellow and I dont mean maybe.

    I have so many of Susan Branch's books and treasure each of them. She is a light in the world, don't you think? And so are YOU!

    Your dishes are gorgeous. So glad you found them. Susan

  7. I would love to join you Janice it all looks so appetising and I adore your pretty China xx

  8. I' d like to have a cup of your romantic tea! The teacups, the teapot, the tablescape and the sweets are so inviting and fairy.

  9. Hi Janice,
    Your pink tea party is so very pretty! I love the dainty china. And I can see a Johnson Brother's Summer Chintz coffee pot near your baking. I have just found the Summer Chintz china set and I am loving it. Unfortunately the teapot was missing it's lid but I will treasure hunt until I find one. Everything is really beautiful Janice! And what a wonderful grandmother you are! Happy Tea Day! Karen

  10. Hi pretty your table was and how yummy your food looks. I wish I could have been at that table. Lucky family! The teapot is really darling. I esp liked the scones.
    I love Susan Branch. I don't have the autumn book but it looks like something I should track down.
    Thanks for another beautiful post.

  11. Everything looks yummy and so sweet.

  12. Oh so pretty! I love the pink china plates and the heart shaped scones. Lovely! Such a nice post.