Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A loVe Affair, True Romance

      I'm totally in Love...    Do you know who with my dreams are...    I imagine beauty and Love 
And great happiness...    A fairy tale dream...    About five years ago I first saw them...    They
Captured my heart from hello...    And ever since I've dream of finding them...
      The beauty of them amaze me...    It's like they popped right out of Spring...    Like a breath of fresh air...    I dream of long ago...    A beautiful table, A beautiful lace table cloth under and these breaths of fresh airs all about...    Me in my lovely attire lace all underneath and lace around my neck my lace gloves fancy hat and shoes...    
      Meet me and will have tea...    Don't forget your lace umbrella the sun it out...
      If there ever was a set of dishes that I would have to give up it truly would not be these...    I love them from my heart, there's something about them that capture me...    They warm my heart, make me feel good inside...    It's really true the first time I saw them I was in love... And the search has been about five years.  I once saw a few pieces at at Good-will here in San Francisco but they were not in Good condition so I left them behind and honestly my heart ached till now...    I know I have breifly posted them before...    But since then I have found two tea cups with saucers and this past week Three dinner plates...    They are in perfect condition...    I had only wished there was one more...
      The two sweet tea cups and saucers...Though the dinner plates do not have the 
Aqua trim they are just as beautiful.... 
      Just beautiful blooms everywhere...
      Beauty indeed...
     Windsor ware, Johnson Bros...
      These will be awaiting Spring in the Garden...    I wish Mama's house was done...    If
You only knew the day dreams in my head and all the visions that I have...

      O my I truly can't to have a quite tea with these some where in time...    Maybe in a quite corner some where...    Maybe early morning tea in the Living Rm...  Or in the back corner in my Garden...
      But I think i would much perfer to have it in Mama's Garden all fixed with beautiful Roses about of every   color...    Blue bells...    Daffodils...    Marigolds...    Daisy's...    Wisteria hanging over my head...    The birds singing about...    The humming birds flying by and stopping to greet me for a brief moment...    One day in time it shall be...    

Thank you everyone for your lovely visit and sweet enjoyable comments...   I hold them all dear to my heart...    Blogging has kept me alive gave me hope...    Your encouraging words have made me go on to the unknow future...    And helped me realize I can make a dream come true...    It might not be all of the dream but I can make some things happen if I push...    And not give up...    Thank you again...
                                   With love


  1. This is such a pretty set Janice, the aqua sets the rest of pattern off beautifully. It shows what you can get when you decide to wait for the pieces you really want. Like you I am looking for a particular tea set and found some pieces but they were in poor condition so I left them on the shelf.
    Enjoy your day,


  2. Everything is so pretty. This aqua set is full of romance. I like to dream too.

  3. Hang onto your dreams! The china is just beautiful - so delicate and pretty.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Dear Janice, I just always love, love, love your posts! Your dishes are so sweet and I can see why your could never part with them!!! I have a thing for square dessert/salad dishes. I only have a few sets that have that shape, but it is a favorite. I wish we could sit and have tea and just chat! Wouldn't that be so fun. Keep blogging!
    Love ya,

  5. I love your beautiful china such a stunning pattern.

  6. Janice, thank you for your thoughts on my post today. It's nice to hear some of the pet peeves that other blog friends have. And thank you for being honest with yours. This tea set is so pretty. I think it's one of my favorites you've shown so far because of the color. It's a soft mint green, and is beautiful. I always enjoy visiting with you because your pictures are just the right size, you display your tea and tea cups (which I love), and you speak from the heart. You are a special blog friend, Janice, and I appreciate you.

    love, ~Sheri

  7. I am crushing on your pretty Windsor ware! I've been on the hunt for aqua/turquoise teacups, but they seem to be a rare breed in my neck of the woods.