Monday, September 21, 2015

A note

      As I a woke this morning I wondered will it all be okay.  Will mama's house ever become my home.  The home I have dreamed it to be.  It seems like such a far fetched thing, un real almost in my mind .. I still haven't cleaned my living room.  The days have been so desperately hot can breathe hot.  Not my favorite time to clean..  But I was thinking after I went into the garden I would start in a just do it on the slow motion... I decided even thought it was warm I was going to have my hot tea this morning to start  my morning off right...   I usually drink Lipton's decaf most mornings, but this morning I felt to have something different.. So I went into the back little shed house where I keep some extras..   I was actually looking for some Blueberry tea that I tried from Celeste that I really liked.  But I picked up the wrong box and when I came inside it said mixed berry, so I thought hum okay lets try it.   My water had already started boiling and was quite ready...
     The color that came was quite pretty, then it deepened into this deep reddish ... 
I came into the living room which I usually do.. Sat down and my mind stared thinking Of Mama and the house and if it was really doing to be a reality...   Seems God only knows the answer...  
                    I have only been over whelmed from day one of Mama's passing.. 
     This is such a lovely tea cup.  It's the first time that I have used it...   Pretty Rose and sweet Bluebell's..  Perfect for the last day of Summer...    It's Staffordshire,England...    Called England's
                                                          Bouquet...  Perfect name...    
         Sweet indeed...   
         The Saucer just as equally pretty...
        What more could an older lady want,  a quite morning with Berry tea an old Victoria magazine
And her little Dogie Sweetpea curled up next to her...    Victoria magazine has always been so Romantic exciting and all the above to me...    When I first picked it up I believe I was pregnant with my last daughter, who happens to be named Victoria... And I've never put it down since...
        This is an older one March 1994, the year my Victoria was born... Such a lovely cover...
                                                          " Come To England"
   Wish I could, I imagine it at times to travel...    But it's Never been anything more than a day dream.         That was never going to happen raising five children pretty much on my own...    
                                                          "Beautiful Roses"
     Good bye Summer...    My favorite season will arrive in a couple of days...   Yay Autumn
            " A Place to Call Home ". I have always for along time had dreams of a wall paper room, there's something about it that really speaks cozy home to me...  My daughter has says yes but, then you can't change decor later Yes you can...    You just have to figure it out maybe a natural color...
     I know I just want wall paper old fashioned wall paper...   I think since I bought Blue and White for my bedroom at Mama's that's what it will be... 
       It just feels right...   Dreams can come true,  i just know it...    
      I dream so many things but now that I will be turning 58 Soon, I'm so tired out now and i mean 
Tired.  With not to much energy...    My mind says yes but my body says I don't  think so...
I wanted to make a private Tea Room and bake my heart away, but I'm not sure that can happen...
      So I think for now it will have to stay on dream mode...
      This magazine has a,ways helped me to get away and dream...   Be in another world of my own. 
It helped mold me into the inner Victorian woman inside me...    Helped me to escape the evils of this world when needed.. I do give much large credit to God...    But this saved a lot of moments...
                                                           Tea and Victoria...
       A pretty lovely pillow cover found at the thrift store... I love the beautiful Roses...
      Can you imagine all the work that went into this...    Hours and hours...     The results are amazing...
      This large doily I made months back... I need to block it but I haven't yet but today might be a good day to do so...    I still have the cardboard I saved it...    I have this one and one Yellow and White
      Thank you for joining me for morning tea and thoughts...    I wish you a lovely day and a fantastic new week...    Hopefully by the next time we chat I will have gotten my living room cleaned and ready for Autumn... 
     With love,


  1. Oh Janice, it IS going to happen! Your Mama's home is going to be YOUR cottage. Blue and white wallpaper for the bedroom? PERFECT! (I always dreamed of pink cabbage rose paper.)

    With all your beautiful things and decorating artistic touches, that little house is going to be GORGEOUS. Don't give up hope. That place was meant to be YOURS. You can keep us informed room by room , corner by corner, inch by inch, if necessary.

    You could even do a book on the transformation of the cottage, Janice. Take LOTS of photos so you'll have everything ready for the book. It could be called "Diamond in the Rough" or "Sweet Pea Cottage Comes to Life!" Or whatever you WANT it to be.

    The tea room sounds dreamy.....even a small one....a tiny store front. Maybe near your Mama's? IT CAN HAPPEN.

    You are immensely talented! Look at your blog today. Gorgeous! Those doilies, that teacup, everything!

    Janice, DO IT! Hugs. Susan

  2. Janice, Susan said everythng I was going to say. You are talented and creative. Your crochet is stunningly beautiful and your taste in pretty china just so sweet. Happy dreaming. If you don't have dreams what is there. xx00 jeanette

  3. Janice you have an eye for the right way to display beautiful things and your crochet work is so lovely! You will find your path and take ownership of this beautiful house. Just keep doing what you are doing!

  4. So pretty! I love the cup of tea! Looks so inviting and reminded me to sit, slow down and enjoy a little more today!


  5. What a lovely post and beautiful blog. This is my first time visit, bu I see we share a kindredness ... a love for beautiful things, Victoria magazine, pretty teacups, and pretty needlecraft cushions, to name a few.

    So glad I stopped in for a wee visit. Here's wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places...

  6. Thanks for stopping by my corner of the world. Let me just say first that cleaning is never top of my list of things to do. I much prefer to fix a cup of tea and crochet or daydream. Resting the mind is sometimes much, much needed. Things will happen as needed in time. Take care, Tammy

  7. I love that you have dreams and Your dreams can come true, Janice, with lots of perseverance and in due time.
    Your pretty teacup is certainly a beauty and sipping tea calms and relaxes you. Keep at those dreams, Janice! Blessings sent to you.
    P. S. Your crocheted doily is just sooooo exquisitely gorgeous!

  8. Hello Janice,
    Your post today is all about pretty things and your dreams. Life would be so boring without our dreams and dreams can come true! Your teacup is a real beauty; love it! One would feel like a princess sipping tea from it. The doily is simply gorgeous! It's actually one of the prettiest I have seen. You have such a talent and once you get settled you will have the time to do what makes you happy. Thank you for sharing with us and have a lovely day. Happy Autumn!


  9. Reading your posting today is like reading someone's thoughts. I think your little doily stack is so lovely with your teacup. Hope your week is good and everything falls into place as it should! So glad you shared.

  10. Lovely, lovely post! I love all the roses, as I know you do too. Your pretty pink and white doily has inspired me to make one in these colors with just that little spot of green. I don't have one in those colors, but it sure is pretty! I have to remember it for my next doily. I've still got quite a way to go on the aqua one I'm working on. Would go faster if I'd quit messing up and having to rip it out. Dreams can be just as good as reality, Janice. You are good at sitting down and dreaming. It's as good for the soul as the real thing if you do it right. I think I'd enjoy looking through that magazine. I'll have to look for it and try it. Dream on, girlfriend! You never know what life has in store.

  11. This is is a very sweet post rich of pretty things and lovely dreams

  12. Absolutely love your beautiful post for it is so romantic. The cup and saucer is divine with the reddish berry tea. The pretty needlepoint compliments the pattern on the cup and saucer. You are so talented in creating a lovely place for tea time. Hope you have a great week! Please, take a peek of my post Orange Bursts Upon Autumn Tea!


  13. Victoria is a favorite of mine also. I can't get rid of an old issue!