Saturday, September 26, 2015

Good morning

      So good morning Blog land...    I think I'm quite ready for this nice day...    And quite ready to clean up my Living Room...   I have spent the night at Mama's house which I haven't done in some time...    These days my roll away bed is busy with my Grandson in it...    But not last night...    Yay 
      We came to visit yesterday, Me, vee and the boys...    Then later after dinner I didn't feel much like driving home.  So we stayed...    It was rather nice to hang out...    But I'm ready for home bound....I have a bunch of things running about in my head that I want to do at home today... Not sure what I will get done but the main thing is the Living Rm...    I did managed to get the front door curtains changed.. Yay Janice
      Lol doing good maybe I'm on a roll...
      I feel like Pink today...     I love both my Hall Teapots... they are in mint condition these too.. The top one reminds me of 50's style and the lower reminds me of Victorian style which It was a series of I believe six pots...    There was another one but I haven't been able to locate it at all any where's...   I have two others a pretty blue and a vintage green in different styles... Maybe one day...    You just never know what you will come across online.. 
     This is my old time vase that was found years ago... From Dad's truck...It's also in perfect condition...
   I had a clear old tall pink glass vase, but it had gotten broken the last move so I had to throw it out sadly...
      Sweet photo frames...found at Saver's with Mama... 
     Just Pink that's all...

I love Autumn but I think I will make my Living Rm, Pinks and Beige...

I also wanted to show you photos of my homemade Bread it looks so
      Forever I wanted to make twisted bread but for some reason I never got around to it...   But finally I did it Yay Janice...
      It taste great too....
      Well what do you think...    Did I do a good job...
Okay well we are ready to go home...     So be back so Have a wonderful weekend 
                  with love 


  1. The bread looks delicious, I am afraid I cheat I use a bread making machine, it still tastes good.

  2. Your bread looks like it was done by a professional, and I do like the pinkness you have going with the teapots.


  3. Lindo Janice,parabéns pelas tranças perfeitas,minha rosca fica deformada :) Bom domingo.Valéria.(Brasil).

  4. Fabulous job on the bread! It's pretty and I bet it's delish too. L.O.V.E. that pink!!

  5. I am so glad I popped over from Stephanie's blog. Your bread looks brilliant! I can understand the patience with this as I have done the same thing, but with (I think) five strands - a nightmare! I love your pink teapot and it would go perfectly with all colours for autumn. Have a wonderful week x

  6. Pink and more Pink....I love this color, and your tea pot is lovely. Your homemade bread looks amazing, Janice. I can't eat bread right now because of health reasons, and I miss it soooo much. This looks very yummy. Your posts are like a breath of fresh air to me, friend.

    love, ~Sheri

  7. Hello Janice,

    Happy Sunday to you. Anothger sweet and lovely post. Your bread looks amazing Janice. I am very impressed. I am sure it was very yummy too. You are a very good baker my friend.

    Love the pretty pink tea pot too.

    Have a wonderful week.


  8. Oh my GOODNESS, Janice. Your bread looks fabulous. Just fabulous. Pretty pinks, too! Susan

  9. Your bread looks delicious and your vignettes are beautifully!