Friday, September 11, 2015

Delphite pyrex

     🌺 Morning it's a wonderful lovely cool morning.  Im so happy with this morning I don't care if I see any sunshine for a while.. I don't think I like heat any more.. This is a new tea cup and saucer I found on line called Delphite pyrex I just love it's pretty baby Blue glass.. 
    🌺 This morning I woke up to no heat and it felt so wonderful🌺 when we ledt Church last night the air had changed and at the distance you could see and feel the fog, yippy my heart went...and in the Garden there was no fogg but crisp clean air feeling with a cool breeze...
    🌺 As I puddered around I found one tiny White Rose left and a few other tiny flowers, i love tiny flowers they capture me every time.... 
  🌺so i gathered up what I could and put them in a old Vicks jar that sits in the window sil in the kitchen...
 🌺WHat more to love then tiny little presious flowers...
 🌺Then I remembered my little White Pumpkin I found for Autumn... So crisp and clean and White 
 🌺I love them all .... 
 🌺Well it's good ole Friday... Just like any other day to me.  But Saturday we will be doing another sidewalk sale hopefully make better monies and if not thats ok the fifty will do... 
What will you be doing for the weekend ???

🌺I guess I better get busy... Happy Friday with love


  1. Lovely blue tea cup and saucer; and so pretty with the flowers, the napkin and the white pumpkin. A very nice arrangement.

  2. Oh Janice. Your sweet BLOG makes me say, "Yippy, my heart!" Everything looks lovely....beautiful, really. The cup, the pumpkin, the white rose, the little blue Vicks jar----you are a true artist and you don't even know it. Have a love-filled day. susan

  3. These pictures are so sweet! I love the blue tea cup, the flowers, the white pumpkin...everything very romantic

  4. Love that shade of blue - gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. LOVE that blue pyrex cut and saucer! I've never seen it before anywhere. What a pretty blue though. It looks great with that white pumpkin and white flowers.

  6. That's such a pretty shade of blue in your Pyrex cup & saucer :) And that little white pumpkin is so cute. I hear they call them "Cinderella" pumpkins here. Have a great week!

  7. I love how you worked the white pumpkin into your blog post. The blue things are lovely. I am getting excited to decorate for fall. My best friend is coming for a visit the first part of Oct, so it will be fun to have the house all ready for her.

  8. I love your new blue teacup, Janice! Your blue and white themed tea is soooo pretty, especially with those sweet flowers.