Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A little bit of this and that.. chatter..

Good Afternoon everyone.. well I think I'm back on track..
I spent the holiday weekend well pretty much Sunday doing a sidewalk sale
I only made 50.00 dollars
but for me that was fine, It gave me the opportunity to clean a portion of the downstairs 
I swept piles of dirt my shoes were so black and full of dirt when I went home, even my feet
were really dirty..
is was as if I just stuck my shoes in a pile of thick dirt.. 
So I also got to go through more boxes and eliminate things and Vee went through some
bins of her things.. and ended up with just one
I'd say that's just good progress..

I'm sharing my newest item from Susan Branch..It's a large binder recipe book
complete with all the trimmings
That I bought two months ago
Large recipe cards that go inside plastic covers.. then there are stickers to attach

Love all the sweet stickers...
Large binder size sheet for recipes and a special place for photos..
Bought these wonderful Mushrooms Portobella's 
I didn't really know how to use them or even cook them.. 
so I used my comal that I use for tortilla's 
I washed them off as directed put them in a bowl salt and peppered them
then I thought o why not used some dried Rosemary that I had from the Garden
used some Olive oil
sprayed the comal with Olive oil
and here they are cooking up
Yum... then I sprinkled them with some Parmesan cheese 
I love September don't you...
It just feels so wonderful in the air.. though the last three days it's been steaming hot..
Our Indian Summer
I believe...
I love this small calendar from Susan Branch..
Of course I love the blue.. it fits right in my kitchen..
I eat Oatmeal everyday pretty much.. 
what about you???
New sweet Napkins.. lovely sweet flower.. just washed them I haven't ironed them yet..
So the deal here is I  made these two dish cloths but never ever used them...
till the other day..
and I loved them.. so soft and and nice specially for your older dishes
I still wash everything by hand I'm not a dishwasher lady
Never have been I guess I'm just an old fashion girl
I just like my things done a certain way..Now that I've tried them after 
lol about a year of them just sitting on my duck head..
I want to make some more
but at the moment I'm involved in crocheting 
some other things
Stop by and check on my Crocheting blog 
I'm kind of working on several things

Such a lovely time of year, I will enjoy all of the days to come
Crisp clean air lovely leaves falling about everywhere..
beauty at it's best..
Have a wonderful day
with love


  1. Look at your pretty lacy stuff all pinned up on that bulletin board! So pretty. Makes me want to get out my thread and make one of those dresses. I think I will. I love all of Susan Branch's stuff too, and I NEVER use our dishwasher either. People think that's weird, but it's just easier for me to get it done that way. We are a lot alike! I'm enjoying the beginnings of fall here. It's been really cool with highs in the 50s the past few days. It's a little warmer today though. There are already gold and orange leaves on the ground everywhere. I just love it here!

  2. Your mushrooms look SOOOO good! I'm going to have to pick some up at the grocery store next time I go. I love mushrooms. I also love oatmeal (the 5-7 minute steel cut variety) but I find I don't eat it all summer. Once the weather gets cooler, I start craving it. I always throw in some fresh fruit and walnuts as well. We're still having VERY hot weather here in New England, so hopefully we'll cool off soon. I fear we're losing two of our seasons - spring and fall. It seems like we go right from the humid, hot summers into the frigid, cold winters without that nice transition time. Thank you for your kind words on my studio/office. I love it in here. There's still so much to be done, but little by little :)

  3. Hi sweet Janice! Oh, it was so good to see you at the party :) I am so glad you were able to join us :)

    Mmmm... your mushrooms look very tasty! And what a clever way to cook them. I hope you enjoy the remainder of your week, dear one. Hugs!

  4. Lovely post! im also a fan of susan branch, im checking if i can get her book recipes here, i think they have it...blessings

  5. Your new recipe book looks lovely Janice (and your crochet dishcloths look too good to use...can I admit that I love my dishwasher? ;-) ....Your mushrooms look delicious and now I need to check out Susan Branch x
    Hope you're having a wonderful week!
    Susan x
    P.S Thank you for coming to visit me and for leaving your kind comments x

  6. What a lovely post, Janice. Everything looks so nice. I love Susan Branch, too, including any stickers I can find of her. You made good progress at the future cottage! Good for you. Susan

  7. You have such a knack for decoration and display, I love the little bulletin board, what a great way to display lovely thread crochet dainties. Thank you for stopping over my place, it was a lovely visit. I like you are looking forward to fall :)

  8. How many pretty things! The small calendar is so lovely. I love september too. Your mushroom look so yummy.

  9. Janice I love your bulletin board with the potholders and calendar - so cute! I am a great fan of Susan Branch too. Hope you got your tootsies all nice and clean again after all your hard work.