Thursday, August 23, 2012

Victoria, just love it,don't you?

I just love the old Victoria, I love my magazines. I could sit and go over and over them and never tired of them. And day dream, specially the ones that covers blue and white the special blue and white issues....there are so many things to read and see in all of them.
This was an old one, I was gazing through and day dreaming like always I do when I look over them.
I just adore these hanging baskets, I made one but it grew out and I was thinking why mind didn't stay pretty like these...In one of our downtown areas they have these hanging down the streets. I always wanted one....
Everything in vintage form, that's me... who I'am...I don't want to live in the future with flat screen Television and what not...I went to my storage yesterday to go through a couple of boxes and I found some more granny dishes I guess I had got a long time ago...I laughed at me and said, I must have 15 dinner plates I found like five more and a platter which you can never have enough. I also found a blue round refrigerator bowl with a plastic lid and several more blue glass canisters
Two little cute tea cups with no saucers...and other things.
I just wasn't cut out for new things, I wouldn't know where to start...I just adore old vintage things. I realized also yesterday that I had a love for vintage since I was young...My love became larger and bigger when Dad got into the business of cleaning out Estates...Looking through those trucks was living a Victorian magazine...beautiful treasure would pop up I also found this little photo case which had abalone shell on it and you open it up and it has a pretty photo of a woman with gold edging surrounding it. I forgot to bring it with me...but I will return and get it so I can show you...
I can't believe that fall is around the corner...Can you...blustery weather as Pooh would say...pretty fall leaves flying about..

I only have issues from 1993, would love to find some before that...I found a place I went to look on Google while I was writing just for the heck of it...they will cost around 12.00 dollars each....but to me they would be worth it.
Look at this one, it's not available though...
or this one....
O wonder whats inside this one....can you imagine.....
Look at this pretty cover...interesting.
Hummm, wouldn't you just love to curl up on a fluffy chair with a spot of tea and a lovely new Victoria or maybe old Victoria magazine and dream and gaze away....enjoy your afternoon my dear sweet friends...time to go...with love Janice...Thank you so much for your lovely comments...


  1. I love Victoria too. I was in my early 20's when I started subscribing on and off (20 years ago) and what I do have I have stored in a box and cannot part with them. It is nice to go back and thumb through them they never get old.

  2. I love the old Victoria magazines too! They were the BEST! What a beautiful post. What fun you must have had with your Dad in those treasure hunting days gone by...

  3. I love Victoria too! I just received my fall issue and the cover is so beautiful I couldn't stop gazing at it. Fall is my favorite season and they have captured it on their cover wonderfully! They do such a great job it's one of my favorite things about the magazine and I have instructed our mail carrier to please take care while handling them. Do not bend please!! Once I had one delivered wrinkled and torn and surprised myself at how sad I felt that one of my treasures had been ruined.

    Enjoy your issues! Hooray for the simple things in life.