Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good afternoon..............Warm weather, Crocheted & dishes...

I erased yesterday's post, I went home and it seemed as if everything changed. I care about Jesse, I just don't know I think for the long moment I will leave it all in Gods hands..who knows...I received these cute little crocheted shirt and shorts in white and old blue I call it...in the mail....I only paid 6.00 dollars for them
Aren't they cute...I hope I can figure them out like the dress and make some.
My extra Granny dishes that I found at the storage.
I love this pattern, I think and have always thought of it as the best...I love the Roses....The old blue matches on the dresses. It's a certain type of blue I had found crocheting thread as well a few times...
They look pretty set with blue glasses and other blue items...I have collected them over 30 years and now have all the pieces that I known are made..the only thing that I don't have is the sugar bowl, If ya ever happen to see one pick it up for me please I would gladly pay you for it..
I just love these two new crocheted items..they are adorable....
You see remember last week I purchased the square dishes with the pink edgings, this is what I was talking about...they are very close so If I wanted to dress a pink table with them I could...so sweet. I have to remember to go and pick up the other two..Then I will have six, in all, too bad there wasn't just two more to have a 8 place setting...well I'm really happy to have these...
My duck sitting on the top shelf of my little white hutch..
Here is part of my full little white hutch...I have no more room for anything on it...the bottom holds some blue glass baking dishes, and corning pieces...
Well friends, I guess that's it for today with my back in pain it's a little bit hard to write..I wish you a most lovely evening with love Janice


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  2. Hello, I came over from a link Faith posted on her blog, Crochet By the Sea. You certainly have a lovely kitchen and your dishes are very pretty. Are they Homer Laughlin china? I am in love with vintage and have been since I was a little girl. My house looks like a grandma's house and since my darling granddaughter was born 8 years ago, my home now fits me. Love your blog and I am going back to look thru more posts. Those white, blue and yellow vintage potholders are so beautiful. I have a vintage dress and bloomers potholder like the ones in your picture. I could not find a pattern so I counted stitches on my vintage dress one and made several in pretty pastel colors. I didn't make any of the bloomers though. If I can help you with the dress, I would be happy too. Hope you have a wonderful day and your back is much better. Take care! Mary