Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New plates, and a new doily.........

These are so pretty, I found them the other day at the Love Joys Tea house....I fell in love with them...I know I probably shouldn't have bought them because I paid like $8. a I only bought four...and put two on layaway. Which they really don't do but she said for me she would cause she always sees me there. They are just like my granny dishes but they have a lovely pink edging then the gold...I could use them with my granny dishes or separately.
My new doily that I started last night, I love the fact that I learned how to make this very excited about it...I have a bunch of ideas in my head as usual...
I started making the Red Roses, then this popped up in my mind so I wanted to get it started...I will get this to the point of the Red Rose doily. Then Make all the Roses for both...
I want to make a bunch of these doilies in different colors...I have a soft yellow I want to use. I can see the pretty soft Yellow Roses dangling around the edge...

Then I thought for Easter I would make one with all different color around the edging...

I also have a idea for a jar topper....I started to make it last night but then I said I wanted to do this first then I will put that out later on....

delicate pink roses, soft and warm...

O my Vee is ready so I have to be on my way, I hope that you enjoy your day today...with much love......Janice


  1. Now that is one beautiful doily! I know nothing about crochet but love the old pieces. This is a pretty post here!

  2. Love your new plates! Your tea set is lovely too. Your doily is so cute. I'm sure you will have many uses for it. You are so talented! Wishing you a wonderful week.

  3. How pretty Janice . You do great work. What talent you have.

  4. Hi Janice: I love the plates you purchased. They are so dainty and pretty. Your doilies are amazing. Thanks for sharing, Martha

  5. Your blog is so lovely, Janice. I am happy to have found you via Lavender Garden Cottage's Link Party.
    All of your crocheted pieces are incredibly beautiful!
    Blessings to you,

  6. Beautiful post! I love your tea cup, in fact, I have one very similar. The roses on your cup are so big and beautiful. SO romantic!
    I do love crochet too. The doily is very pretty. I am always keeping an eye out for vintage ones.
    Have a great day.

  7. As always your pictures are gorgeous. I love the new plates and the doily is Too Die For!!!

  8. Janice,
    With all the craziness this month with fair and being sick, I can't remember if I wrote to tell you how much i love my dress you made me. It is perfect, and beautiful, and I love it. I am amazed at the things you make. I always look forward to seeing your pics on your blog. Very inspirational, and lovely to look at. I hope someday I can make more things. Right now I just figured out how to make the center flower for a crochet flower afghan and I am so excited! I'll probably make several of them for Christmas gifts if I get the time! Thanks again, so very much, for your wonderful work. I will treasure it always!