Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good afternoon, I have been busy Crocheting what about you....?

Howdy ya'll, I have been busy crocheting away...working on the large doily with the Roses...I started another one for the Candy Cane line..I believe it's going to be just beautiful...well at least the way I imagine it in my mind...Here's the start of it the first Rose that sits in the middle...It's an old red that I had found years ago at the so missed second hand store Savers, (boy sure miss that place)...It's not as strong as the Scarlett Red...I think it's more softer and more of a old fashion Red from time back...
You know when I get these notions I need to get on them even if I haven't finished the last thing I was working on..but eventually I will get them all done...
I miss being here so much, and visiting everyone's blogs..Yesterday my oldest daughter came to visit and she wanted to learn how to make the Rose, So after lunch we set down and I taught her..she was just so excited about it and me too that she could do it...I remember wanting to learn how to make them myself and wanting to make this large pretty doily and didn't have the notion or clue how to...
But now I do and I'm just so excited that I can...So I have to get this one accomplished for sure...as you know the purple one I made a mistake...it's almost finished though to be it's own doily. So I guess that's why I had to start this one cause the wanting to see the whole item complete is burning inside of me...I know it might sound silly but like I said before it's a challenge for me. Because I'm self taught and I crochet by eye.....
Remember the pretty purple and lime green..it's so pretty ... when I get a chance I will do another one to complete the full doily. I would love to see it with all the roses going around the edging... So tell me what have you been up to lately??? Jesse's Mom is in the hospital she had to have a operation on her heart they put a pace maker in and we are waiting to see how things go...I feel so bad for him...she has been sick, and I kind of thought of that when he left there, I was concerned about it...I pray all goes well, And if you don't mind saying a prayer or two as well I would very much appreciate it...ty dear friends....
I just can't wait to get this doily done...I want to see the Red Roses dancing all about around the doily...
This line will be nice when I get it all finished I just hope someone will like it enough to purchase it...
The green on the dress is much darker compared to the green on the Rose doily...well my sweet friends, I guess it's time to jet off home to cook dinner for me and Jesse...It was so nice visiting you...I didn't get to do much visiting of your blogs I will try to come by soon...with much love Janice...
The new County Living just arrived....after dinner I will be indulging in the pages...can't wait...enjoy your evening


  1. Janice I love coming by to see what you're doing. Your crochet is so good, especially this one. It's nice to see our daughters interested to keep the art going isn't it? I have just taught mine how to do granny squares(which is my limit) and she is doing them so nicely,she's very excited about finishing a rug.
    I have been making more dolls clothes and now must get on finishing my crazy patchwork quilt. It fits nearly all the bed so not many squares to go.
    Have a nice day. I have my sick Grandson here today,so might just sit with him for a while. Although he's quite happy to watch videos as he is 11. xx

  2. I like your doilies. The roses in the middle are very pretty. I don't know how to crochet, unfortunately. I'm glad your daughter is learning though. Maybe one day, she can show-off one of her samples on your blog. :)

    I'm sorry to hear about Jesse's mother, oh dear. I will keep her in my prayers.

    Blessings to you! :)

  3. it is a lovely doily, and I especially like the rose color, something I would have picked out myself, the colors go beautiful together...hoping all goes well for Jesse's mom.

  4. Hi Janice,
    How beautiful. I wish we were closer so you could teach me how to crochet. I am slowly teaching myself. I have a dishcloth started.