Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Kitchen

I hope that I'm not boring you. But I just want to get you familiar with me. So here is the little kitchen in my new flat. I have blue blue and more blue. I did think of changing it to red but when I really thought of it I have so much blue items and ducks that I collected for a life time lol maybe I better stick to the blue, though I do have some red things, but no where near.

Here is the right side of the kitchen later I will show you some close ups of my favorite things.

Here is my kicthen window over the sink, with some of my blue glass and my vintage curtains which I really wish I had the other parts to. But I figured that I would find some thing to match.  So far I haven't had any luck. It's a sheer with little white poka dots on it..I love the little multi colored flowers on them they are blue and turquoise and lime. My little kitchen is full but I love everything in it and I have no problem being in it cooking. So I guess thats enough about my kitchen for now.

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