Saturday, April 30, 2011

My New Little Flat

Here's some photos of the inside of my flat. The Living Room is complete except for the curtains, I want to change them but I don't have the pieces that I really want. So I have to figure it out. Everything I have in there has come from a second hand store except for my old console T.V. and my Wing Back chair those came from my father (R.I.P.) Which is another blog. I recently obtained some burgundy colored sheers so I'm thinking to add them and changed the valances. I wish I had two of the swag ones and one more of the heavy panel ones. But second hand ladies can't always have their

 humm, I think the other day I deleted some of my photos so I will have to retake some this isn't a very good one of the living room. Here is some of my pink glass that I have in the living room. I have more but it's packed up and I'm hoping this summer when we clean out moms storage that I will get a cabinet and have to move my desk somewhere else (which I don't know where) That's the bad part about having a smaller place and to much stuff..but the good thing is I have my own little storage but it doesn't quite hold all my things..and I really don't like storing my things. whats the point of having them it you can't enjoy them. I use all my glass etc. more to come....

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