Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Little Garden

Well I thought the next step would be to share my garden with you. Since I adore the garden so much. It's really not much of a site at the moment, but just the few little changes I have made made a huge difference at least to was like a small jungle before. When I first moved in there was a Chinese Family up stairs. They were wonderful people very warm and loving..but they had the whole garden from one side to the other filled up with a vine vegetable called Chayote Like a lite green Squash. I love it, the Chayote, but not so much to have two plants fill the garden. Well they moved out, which I was really sad about because I felt so comfortable with them. You hardly knew they were there. Anyways so I started tearing down the vines which had produce all it was going to, and boy was that a task, It started on one side going around to the other they tied it with tiny wires ropes etc., lol, in fact I'm still undoing the little things..I have three trees two of which are I can't believe it I can't remember the name of it at the moment. ( This is one of the things I gained when I got sick with Panic Disorder, Loss of memory). Well when I remember I will tell you..I love these trees, but what I don't love about it is lately the wind has been blowing greatly and all the lovely fuchsia colored flowers are everywhere and I believe I had to clean them at least five times already.Yuk.....and double Yuk..I'm alittle bit of a clean I just can't help it. I need clean even the garden has to be cleaned. Even to the point every little weed has to be pulled and the dirt looks clean. That's terrible I know, but what can I say!

Well like I said it isn't much at the moment but in time. So I will keep you posted as it grows..I have planted a few more things but we got delayed because they decided to paint the building and I'm ever so grateful for that because it looked horrible. Actually that red post is now a gray blue post lol..looking much better. Hum I should have took a before photo of the house..O well ..Enjoy the day...

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