Saturday, April 30, 2011

well this post is about yesterday going to the second hand store with mom and my daughter Victoria, I was tired as you can see by my picture, but I couldn't pass it up cause we had a 30% discount what can I say. Though I didn't fine much and Victoria was disappointed for sure, she only found one sweater. I found a few things one of which I wished they had more of,..these two lovely coasters with roses on them for one. 

  I thought they were adorable.  I also found this pink w/gold I guess you would say dish that looks like a boat. I had one once before but a little bit larger but it got broke which made me sad..but I found this one yesterday. This one has more gold than the other one did. but just the same I was happy to find it.

I'm not sure what they were used for. but I love this ceramic, I think it was for plants. I asked mom and she couldn't remember. I have a few things like this which I will post later on. Well I just went to check it out. It is for use of a planter It was $2.99 and 30% off of that. When I went to look them up on google  they post about $17.50 for a small one.
I also got a short pair of purple little boots..brand new for $6.50 oh and by the way my two little coasters were only $99 cents.

I thought they were cute....o I did get some other items. another blue vase because you can never have enough and another sewing basket


and the last thing is a white and purple laced cute.

I also got a pair of sweats and a rug..but I think that its. for now. hugs

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