Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ready for some lite flan and Doulton

So do you even like Flan ???... It's a Mexican desert which I happen to love and so does My oldest daughter and grandchildren..as well as Mom... so for a treat I often make it.  I usually used two cans of evaporated milk.,but that day didn't I only happen to have just one...so I thought to me....well I have plenty of regular milk so that is just what I did...I used one can of evaporated milk then I used the can to measure the amount of milk..
I grabbed a medium bowl turned on the oven to 350 or 375 degrees.
Got a large glass baking dish and five Ramekins placed them inside of the baking dish adding enough warm water going to the middle of the Ramekins..
In the medium bowl, I put 6 eggs and one can of evaporated milk and one can of regular 2% milk (using the can of the evaporated milk to measure) one tablespoon of sugar and a dash of vanilla...mixed it up with an hand mixer and put it through a sieve...into my large four cup measuring cup. I prepared the Carmel for the Ramekins..In a large non stick skillet I put around one large cup of sugar on medium heat to melt down to a dark carmel stirrimg with a wooden spoon at the end to make sure all the lumps were melted if any...once it was done you quickly pour it evenly into the Ramekins 
                        !!! NOT TOUCHING IT AT ALL !!!
      Then taking your custard and pouring it over the top of it...
This what it looks like... 
Carefully place into oven and cook for ten minutes at the 375 degrees then turn it down to the 350 degrees and cook for about 45 minutes more checking at that point to see if when you insert a knife it comes out clean...
  yummmmmmy ....
And now for some Doulton 
Look what I found up in Mom's darn Attick who would of know I don't think she even knew...
Isn't it just wondeful...it was in a ole hat box and when I opened 
wal la  and when I flipped it over 
Royal Doulton Fine China
I was so excited..
   It matches just perfect with all my Blue & Whites
                       Vintage napkins wow more exciting...
No chips cracks nothing perfection all the way..well I hope you enjoyed you visit today...I'm off to go with Vee to the doctors to see what is going on...wishing you an enchanting afternoon...
                                    with love Janice


  1. lol it did it did..darn nail hit the wrong button but it's okay now,..come back lol

  2. that's better..I figured it was something along those lines, done it myself..infact my post for today wasn't supposed to be today...LOL.... Pretty find up in the attic, and flan..yes I do like it, might try to make it some time...

  3. Oh, fabulous piece! And your flan looks divine. Thanks for sharing. Your cups? Gorgeous with the roses!
    And is that doily covered chair yours? Loved it. thanks so much for all your visits to my blog! Susan

  4. Your flan looks yummy! I love flan! Your special find is AMAZING!
    Have a wonderful week!
    sandy :)

  5. Such beautiful cups and vintage napkins! I have never tried flan.........makes me interested!

  6. That flan looks so yummy. And those are fantastic finds!

  7. Hi Janice,

    Thanks for popping by the visit me and for your lovely comments! As for those tiny squares, they never did get made. I keep returning to the idea though, I love the look of them. One day, eventually, I must made a blanket like that. Not sure when it'll ever be though!

    Sandra x

    Ps Flan looks yum to me!