Friday, January 11, 2013

Just a little Embroidery

Well good afternoon my dear friends, I finally decided to sit down and do so serious embroidery...It's really been a while now..I never finished my other one with the leaves..But I'm determinded to finish this one. It's a Tea towel and I drew my own tea pot...with great inspiration from yesterday's embroideries...she does such lovely things...
the only thing was I hadn't realized that the towels had loops to hang them with so my Tea pot will be upside down... so with great inspiration I drew tea cups upside down and sideways ...well I thought it was great idea since I had already started in. I don't know why I hadn't noticed.. But now I know. I had two more towels so the next two will be right goodness...
As you can see I'm working on my Tea pot
 I'm just enjoying every minute of it
I haven't decided what design I'm going to put on the Tea pot though
I'm just about to start the handle..I will keep you posted

Guess what this is.......................
                                           yep it's the new Victoria Bliss
The cover is just beautiful
I thought the inside would have more than it did being that Valentines day is on it's way
More about Valentines Day that is but it's still nice..

                                             wishing you a lovely afternoon.....with love Janice


  1. Keeping busy doing things you love to do is great therapy! Your tea pot reminds me of once when my mother and I both made small table cloths with teapots and cups around the border. I will try to find them and post on my blog! Glad you jogged my memory. Can't wait to see your finished tea towel!

  2. How fun and relaxing! I hope we get to see the finished far it's looking wonderful :)


  3. I'm sure it will be lovely, no matter if the cups are up or down. :-) Have a great week!