Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 does it change anything?

Who knows what the new year will bring to us all. Hopefully something really good...I'm going to try hard to focus on me this year and stop worrying about everyone else... Any ways I woke up with positive thoughts to get stronger in the Lord and get myself together...I'm going to leave everything else alone...
So my positive thoughts brought me to bring out my new Tea Pot again...I haven 't used it since the Girls had the mini Tea Party...I just love it...
It's very sweet and whispery...lovely soft blue and tiny roses...
I fixed a lovely tray...and had myself a lovely cup of hot tea...
Added a dash of sugar and a splash of cream stirred it up and drank it down I sat and thought of all the things that have passed by in 2012...the things I hadn't accomplished and the things I really wanted to get accomplished...main focus is to work on my relationship with God...Put the pedal to the medal...thinking I really can't worry to  much what the future will hold for me...I turn 55 this year and I truly don't want to keep repeating the past...
What did you do this morning....???? and what New Year's Resolution did you make for 2013???
I almost got Isaiah's blanket ready to put together now...been really working on it so to get it finished up and give it to him...
One more square left to make then I can start stitching them together...and put the end on...whoot whoot lol finally...
I also started and new doily and I'm so hoping that I can make it...It's a huge pineapple doily..I have made the middle part before and put my own edging on it without making the pineapples...but 2013 challenge is to do the whole doily pineapples and all..wish me luck...Well tomorrow I take mom to the lung doctors to see what they have to's alittle bit nerve rackin...So that's my plan for tomorrow...Wishing you a lovely evening my sweet friends...God Bless..with love ..


  1. What a lovely tea set, so soft are the makes you fell cheery just looking at. I turned 55in really is cause for pause..and reflection..good for will be fine, on the right path. Looking forward to the beautiful work you do. Hope mom is feeling better...enjoy your week.

  2. Happy New Year Janice. Hope mum will be ok. Your Tea set is so beautiful. I wouldn't mind joining you for a nice cuppa. Good luck with your pineapples. xx

  3. Oh my, your tea set is beautiful - I just love everything about it :) And it looks like your doily will be stunning.

    Happy New Year to you, my friend!


  4. Blessings to you dear friend...sounds like you are making a very good start...I pray you draw ever so near to Christ....he is a friend that stays closer than a brother..he can be all you need him to be in your life.
    Your tea set is lovely.....enjoy

  5. On to the next project and your doily looks like a lovely on e! Beautiful teaset and thanks for linking!

  6. Happy New Year Janice...I hope you have a wonderful 2013 full of all good things!
    My goodness, I have really fallen in love with your tea's so very pretty! Your crochet is looking beautiful too...
    Happy weekend,
    Susan x

  7. Janice,
    I wish you a happy new year. I hope it is the best ever. I love the crocheted blanket, very sweet. As far as the pineapple doily, I would be happy to even get the center part done! I will keep mom in my prayers, hoping all is well. You hang in there. Thanks for visiting and leaving the nice comment. I wish you nothing but the best!
    P.S. Love the tea set!

  8. A very lovely tea set, indeed. Focusing on yourself and God, couldn't get any better than that. Bless you and love all your pretty crochet!