Friday, January 25, 2013

Second hand shopping....

Isn't she just cute, I fell in love with her the moment I saw her..unfortunately I paid $3.99 but I'm okay with it. 
I just love second hand shopping.. it's one of my favorite past see what I can get at a good deal.  I also found a wonderful blue & white dinner plate as well..same as these smaller plates that I got from the Tea house and I think I paid five for them...The only difference is the middle picture on this one is a church the other three small ones have something else on them and lol at the moment I forgot..
This is the brand on the back side of it...
This a large dinner plate...and it was $ 3.99 amazing...just had a blast 

This stack was only $3.75 they were marked down. They are in pretty good shape to...I was happy 
to find them,..I thought they would be wonderful for Easter...they have pretty lite green o them with yellow and lite blue and pink flowers. So I can imagine them with pretty lite green napkins or lite yellow or both together...

Out of the deal I got one Tea cup & saucer and one Creamer five lunch plates 9 bread plates...

O and plus I found a pair of Ralph Lauren Baby shoes sweet four dollars..I couldn't resist them. So I had bought them for baby Isaiah..It was fun visiting the Salvation Army ..
What have you been up to???

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  1. Well what a haul. I have exactly the same cow creamer. I paid $5 for mine.

  2. That was very fun! And takin g them home and moving them around is perfect - if you have the open area above your kitchen cupboards you can display plates on easels.....

  3. Great Idea Bernideen..thank you

  4. I love blue and white...and have a lot of it in my kitchen! The little cow is darling. It makes me think of a blue and white dutch shoe that a dear friend gave me. And all of your dishes you found are very nice! Great prices! I'll look forward to seeing how you use them at Easter.