Thursday, April 12, 2012

Visiting my Grandchildren.....

Helo my friends, I'm just here visiting my grandchildren...and my oldest daughter. I thought it would be good for me and Vee to get away for a short minute...It's kind of nice she my oldest daughter has moved into a much bigger place than before so there is plenty of room now even sweetpea is here...I brought along my new Tea Pot set so we can have a mini Tea party together .. the girls thought it was a great idea this morning they were checking out the new Tea pot....they were like wow so pretty...I told them we will do it on Saturday and Friday we nite we can make some things... My grandchildren are Rosalinda being the oldest Alexzander Liliana and Agustin being the youngest...Liliana had a book and it had a recipe inside for Oatmeal cookies that she had shown I told her we can use that to make tiny cookies...that made her happy and her brother Alex was like grandma we can use Lily's recipe and yes I told them... so we will let them make them and I will supervise ... that should make them happy campers..rite...So that's the plan for that....hope your days are back home on Sunday....See you on Monday...or Tuesday....with love Janice

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  1. Sounds like some wonderful plans for you and your grandchildren..Tea Parties are always a favorite with mine...have fun....blessings