Friday, April 27, 2012

It looks like it's going to be a great day today, Good day for the Garden...
I'm still at Mom's I ended up staying to try and clean up some of the kitchen. It was kind of yukie,.... Mom's can't get it all done anymore... She is a pack rat and I have been trying to convince her to get rid of some things...The kitchen is crawling on you, you just have pathways and boxes everywhere and plastic containers everywhere...she has basically always been this way but I got tired of cleaning it out over and over now it's kind of bad..So I cleaned a pile of dishes and cleaned off the kitchen table cause you couldn't find it I cleaned off the counter, threw out a bunch of plastic things and told her she has Tupperware and why do you need this good bye so I filled up the recycle bin over the top..She had six old phone books on boy...well it's not the best but I got something done..and will try to work on it some more later on. Good part was she sat down and went through this box of mail on the kitchen table and we threw out a paper bag full of papers etc...Phew..I was tired out last nite and just stayed again...I also washed three loads of clothes and need to dry one more before I leave and I cooked a bunch of chicken and Mac n Cheese...

This is a blue bird with a tiny house on a post, I had bought probably three years ago. It has been sitting up in the Attic at Mom's finally took it home and have been waiting for the rain to stop so I can put it in the Garden...I love love birds...I love when they come to visit in my Garden...Which reminds me I noticed the other day there was no water in the birdbath at Mom's...but it rained yesterday I need to check it...At Mom's when I had the Garden nice tons of birds would come to visit the bath, and they would line up on the fence because the other birds wouldn't let them go inside so they would wait...funny but I loved watching them for hours...I don't know what I want to do stay or go home...undecided because My panic has been a little bit strong for the last few days...Well who knows will see..
I think that's my post for today, I'm tired and just want to relax today, maybe that means going home..wishing you a most enchanting day today....and if I don't see you tomorrow a wonderful weekend...with love Janice


  1. Hi!! Sounds like you have been busy! Now seems like a good time to rest!!
    Have a Great Weekend!!

  2. I have a dear friend who's mother was the same way and it drove her crazy too. Her mother had always been that way and was for the rest of her life.
    It's nice though to be close enough to help now and then.
    I am dreading getting to the age that I can't keep up. It scares me.
    Have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday.
    Your little garden things are so sweet. They will look sweet outside.
    :) Mona