Saturday, July 30, 2011

Message In A Bottle

Why it seems that all the time, who comes in my life lately it just doesn't suit me the way I want...ready to let go of this for good. It's to much trouble to go up and down and around. I don't wanna do that in my life no more. It's hard enough just living each day with my panic. I much better but the hell with all that pressure.
as you can see I have redid my blogg site. I wanted a refreshed page. I hope everyone had a great Saturday..I did..I made some Tabouli with the Parsley from my garden. wish my tomatoes were done it would have been great. And the cucumber's as well..they got stuck in growth and I don't know why..humm maybe the garden dirt need some nutrition.
My head is going in circles tonite. . . I don't know what I want at the moment..and my heart is up and down..dam female emotions...Maybe I'm just to romantic and I want to much for me now. I wonder if it's that...maybe I'm just to serious. HELP!

THIS is where I need to be..I should have went home today and got ready for church that's it that what I need to be doing they God will add the rest if he see fit to.!!!

Thank you father for giving me life, even though sometimes it's difficult for me and many others...I appreciate every breath you let me breathe. I'm trying father to go down that narrow walk but sometimes I need your helf..Plz help me to do me take me make me hear you...

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