Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Haven't Left yet.. A blast from the past.

Wow what a morning, my Mom has had this old trunk downstairs in the basement forever and ever. We had opened it a few times but never really went inside to look..don't know why. Today my youngest child Steven brought it up stair and Mom screamed but I told her to relax. Let's check it out for once..So Stevie open it up and started pulling all these amazing picture of the past.

there is linen and some of it got ruined but there are a few things that are okay and maybe I can fix them and reserve them for a while longer.

The crochet work is amazing, very fine must have been a find needle...

This is a head piece the woman wore under neath the head scarves Mom said..

There is my great grandmother with the head piece on...the lady in the middle. My great grandmother did all her own clothes everything..all the linen crocheted is hers.

Here is my Great Grandfather, Nickolas
I have had an amazing day looking through the trunk. found papers from back when I think the oldest was 1919 a school item. There is so much I can't even get it all on here but just a little for you to see. I did tell you that I was Russian rite? Russian German mostly some Irish and Scott from my dad's side..

The linen was simply amazing to me..all the wonderful work they did well in this case that my great grandmother did. The women in those days were great workers of the house. We women today are in my eyes lazy compared to them. no offense. but on the real they did a lot..well I guess women today do things just not like them..O well it's been along day and I will share more pictures and things later I'm tired out for now..have a blessed evening my friends..God Bless.
Here is dinning room table cloth I found in the trunk it has to be as old as me. I'm 53 and it was never use. It is still in good shape like new. It still has the label on it...I'm taking home for my dinning room table.

This one I'm going to wash and put on my little kitchen table..I love the vibrate colors, lately turquoise has been growing in my

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  1. What beautiful, beautiful linens! I love the one with the red strips in it. SO pretty!