Friday, March 11, 2016

Wind and Rain and more...

     Good late afternoon everyone,
It has been a Rainny day full of strong rains and winds and cold burr...  Specially for San Francisco...  I have been in my jammies all day and I told myself now that I'm done with my chores it is time for a warm cup of love...
     So I got out a tray just for me grabbed a sweet crocheted rose doily...  I felt very much Blue today...
So I'am going to share a few things with you...  First Is my teapot from the Asian store...  It is very simple but I like it...  
     Photos are not the greatest but here goes...  
     I have two Chinese cups as well that match...  And I have a couple of soup bowls...
     They are just simple everyday use...
     I didn't use these for my tea though...  I decided on something else...
     Since it was just me I decided on my little two cup Coblat teapot.... And my Royal Albert Coblat White and Gold teacup...  Which I have never used...  I have had it for several years just sitting in the corner...  Very elegant indeed...  

       I love very much it's deep rich Coblat Blue color and the Gold just makes it all the better...

     Awe so ready for this lovely cup of hot tea to sooth my soul...  

     My Calico creamer,  one of my many other things that I love...

     It is still rainning and the wind is crazy strong...  So it is a definitly stay inside evening do some crocheting watch a movie...  maybe tomorrow to but I hope not...  Where ever you are I hope you are safe and sound snug as a bug in a rug...  
           HAPPY LOVELY WEEKEND EVERYONE, with love Janice


  1. Its been raining here in Norwalk today too...and its decidedly chilly..but its much needed so I cant complain
    Im not usually a blue lover...but this china is so pretty. Everything looks no lovely.
    Stay warm, dry and snuggly and have a great weekend
    Phoebe x

  2. Dear Janice:
    I think your tray is so lovely. I actually sold one of those blue Royal Albert cups and saucers at my store a few years back. This is a lovely post and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Seeing all the photos of your blue tea wares, dishes and kitchen decor has made me want to add some blue to my world. Except for a few stray teacup/saucer sets I don't own any blue, not even a single blue willow plate! My next shopping expedition will target beautiful blue items for my kitchen.

  4. Love the beautiful crochet tray doily and the Royal Albert cup and saucer is such a delight. The blue is so vibrant, so very pretty. Rain, rain and more rain here I am afraid so I am hoping for dry weather over the weekend so that I can get some jobs done outside. Take care.

  5. Oh Hi Janice
    I have you know the entire set of calico dishes and the cow creamer like yours.
    I like all your gorgeous china tea pots and cups
    Blue is my favorite color and always has been .

    It's raining here in central Missouri today just a nice soft rain
    I'm playing in the studio with fabrics today

    Janice Dauksch

  6. Well Janice, that was a lovely tea setting. Cobalt is so soothing, I think. Very, very nice job and so pretty. Susan

  7. Your blue porcelain is fairy and very elegant. I love the blue croquet too, it' s perfect for this wonderful setting

  8. Ooh I love the blues here. Such a rich deep blue color! The Royal Albert china is beautiful but I'm loving the blue calico creamer the most! You are very talented with your crocheting.