Friday, March 4, 2016

Just a bit of Roses...

     Finally I have gotten the top of this dresser in my room cleaned.  I have never been one for not cleaning but this past year seems like I have slowed down very much, all my get up and go is well maybe not...  I seemed to be tired out these days, all the days...
     I love this rose pattern  by Franciscan called Desert Rose...  It reminds me of my aunt she had the whole set.  
     I found the cups and saucers two different times way back when, but these shakers I found on ebay for a really cheap price...  It's the possibility because one is lighter and the other darker, but no matter to me...  I think it's more character...
     I found this creamer at a good-will few year ago...

     Pretty Rose box I found at Michael's craft place for a few dollars...  I love all the boxes like this, so pretty...
     Inside has a few things I recently crocheted and a new hoop and embroidery threads that I have a plans for...

     I also found some variegated ones which I never saw before...    
     I Love this pretty Red candle holder, found it for 99 cents at Thrift town...  I don't need much these days actually I probably don't need anything at all... Lol
     Some of my Great Grandmother's handkerchiefs... 
     Such pretty crocheted edgings on some of them...
     All clean now...  I think I should stay home today and finish cleaning the living room,  Spring is almost here I should get a head start on my Spring cleaning... 
              HAPPY WEEKEND,       ...with love Janice...



  1. I have just started my Spring cleaning it is a real task isn't it. I love the handkerchieves they are beautiful, as is all the crockery featured today. The shakers are lovely and I too think the two shades give them character, Take care.

  2. I love your dressing table top , so full of all your precious pieces that you can look at often!
    Mine is similar, my husband calls it clutter but his version is the bench in the garage - now that's what I call clutter, ha ha!
    Happy weekend dear Janice!

  3. Dear Janice:
    Such a sweet presentation on your dresser and it makes one smile to see the pretties! You have a lovely weekend too!

  4. Tutto bello!A pulire le nostre cose ci vuole sempre tempo!Ora che sto invecchiando faccio più fatica!Un caro saluto!Rosetta

  5. How many pretty things! The tea cups and the dressing table top are such romantic, i love them very much

  6. I love visiting your blog...lots of pinks..pastels..roses and tea cups...right up my alley!!
    Thank you for brightening my day
    Phoebe x

  7. Hi Janice,
    My late Great Aunt Kitty had the Desert Rose pattern, too. I always think of her when I see it. It's nice to get things cleaned up to see your wonderful treasures, isn't it? Your granny square blanket in your previous post is just so colorful and pretty. I'm working on one right now.
    Happy weekend to you! xo

  8. Oh sweet Janice, I hope is nothing serious what makes you tired often.
    Your dishes with the Desert Rose pattern are gorgeous, I so love pink roses myself.
    I love getting things cleaned up, but yes, I sometimes procrastinate to much and drag the chore for to long.
    Your grandma's linen and handkerchiefs are a treasure for keeps sake.
    Enjoy your weekend and thanks for taking a little time to visit me. You made my day!

  9. Lovely, lovely, Janice. All looks great. Susan

  10. A lovely post Janice, the rose set is sweet. How lucky you are to have hankerchiefs belonging to your greatgrandmother.


  11. I love your bargains Janice. You find great things that always reflect your lovely style. Very nice!

  12. I so enjoy reading your posts with all the nice your decorating style.
    I collect handkerchiefs too. Prayer for your health.