Monday, March 28, 2016

Just a few memories...


       It's as Pooh would say a very blustry day, the wind is blowing all over and it seems very cold...  I went out to put the trash out because tomorrow morning is trash pick up day.  And things had blown everywhere's...  Burrr cold like ice, well at least it feel that way to me.  My hands are just frozen...  A bit tired out today but I'm determined to finish re cleaning up the living room...  These days everything seems to take so much longer now to accomplish...
       This is the garden after the second year I believe I moved in, I was looking through some past photos.   When I first got here it was a jungle... Full of vines from one place to another.  I wanted to put grass in but the owner wasn't going to help so I didn't bother... 
          Lunch in the garden one lovely afternoon...
       Pretty vintage table cloth...

       I'm very ready for teas in the garden...  If only this silly weather would straighten up...  Probably this will be my last spring and summer here...

                 What better Love is there than a hot cuppa...
       My bumble bee teapot, I didn't take it out yet...  But I'm thinking it is due...  I have tried to locate the creamer and sugar but never had any luck with it...  Maybe one day...  It took me 25 years to locate this one sugar bowl and I finally found one...
The days of butterflies are here...  Whispering of their wings a fluttering by...  I love to see them in the garden as I also enjoy humming birds...  Pansy's...  From the past...
       Crocheted tea bag keepers for the purse...
       My sweetpea when I first got her, she was so so tiny...

       Mama...  Four years ago....
       Sweetpea a bit bigger exploring the kitchen cabinets in a new place...
Sunday, me Easter day off to Mama's house to have a family day...
       Me and my grandson Isaiah waiting on the local bus,  my car broke again...  So it's back to the buses until we are able to see what went wrong again...  I posted some memory photos today that I found the night before...  Our family day was wonderful at Mama's house...  Making new memories...  A family, that's what we are striving to be...  Maybe not the most perfect one but way better than the before one...   Being in touch with each others needs and worries and cares...  Appreciating each other for the most part...  Not just expecting miracles out if each other but at least doing the best we can for each other and ourselfs...  Because there is no one like family...
            Wishing you all a most enchanting loving day, full of love and laughter...
                     With love,   Janice...



  1. Hello dear Janice,
    Your images are all lovely and I especially love the tea table in the garden with the riot of colour. Nothing is more important than family which is why my middle son is trying very hard to get transferred back here to PEI. He and his family want to be near us. All their friends and most of the family are here. It may take a year or so but we're praying it all works out. Thank you for sharing with us today and have a wonderful week.


  2. Janice, how nice that you got together with your family and spent it at your mom's house. I love your yellow tea pot, it's so cheerful. I bet you can't wait to have tea in your garden. My first roses are starting to bloom. It was a bit chilly here today also, and the wind is blowing as I look out the window. I hope you had a nice Easter, dear Janice. Car trouble is no fun; I just took mine in too.

    love, ~Sheri

  3. Dear Jancie:
    I loved your photo of the flowers along the path and all the unique photos and family ones. Looks like great fun! I also loved the tablecloth and I too look forward to "tea in the garden"!

  4. Hi Janice: What a sweet post. I love that you want to make wonderful memories with family. God is so good. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  5. Such beautiful photos with I am sure lots of loving memories attached. It was windy Sunday and we were able to get onto the beach to fly the kite. Yesterday it was mainly wind and rain but we are back to dry but cold today. Take care.

  6. Hi Janice, Your gardens are gorgeous. Wishing I had a sweet garden like that, looks so tranquil. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Hope you have a warm and beautiful week.

  7. Hi Janice, Your gardens are gorgeous. Wishing I had a sweet garden like that, looks so tranquil. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Hope you have a warm and beautiful week.

  8. Thank you for taking us on a lovely stroll down memory lane. Your crochet teabag holder are too cute!

  9. Hi Janice,

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Hope you will get some fine weather soon so that you can have tea in your garden!


  10. Such lovely pictures and memories. Your grandson is very sweet. The tea table is fairy

  11. It was sweet to share your photos and memories. I think we all have to work at being a family these days! i hope you had a nice Easter.

  12. Hi Janice, I hope you had a wonderful Easter. I enjoyed viewing your photos and taking a look at your garden. Blessings!