Monday, March 14, 2016

Good morning to you...

      Good morning dearest, how are we this day that's coming about...  As for me, I'm sitting in my kitchen seeing the sun out finally, yay, sun...   Spring is on the way...  It has been so wet and rainy for days now...  The garden is a total wet mess, but I'am not going to worry about it today for tommorw is another day...
     This morning I'am having tea in a mug, my Mary Elgelbriet mug...  She is a person I adore, I love all her sweet things...
      This is the Garden Spring mug...  So sweet and it just felt right to celebrate the coming out of the sun...
      Cottage and Spring sounds so wonderful...  Lovely Spring mornings, the birds churping about... Hum, my kind of days...  Tea in the garden... Yes indeed...
      I'm working on this vintage doily that I found along time ago...  And a edging of a wash cloth...  To match... 
      I finally figured out the second Pink part,  the first time I picked it up to start it I had no clue and my mind just was not working with me...  So I had to put it down for a while, then the other evening I wanted a break from my other things so I picked this up again and it came to me with no problem, funny how that is for me at times...  It is like that because I crochet by eye not by reading the instructions, which this didn't have anyways...
       So it's me and Mary this morning and crochet....  And maybe later take a peek in the garden to see the mess...
      The edging on the wash cloth...  It is very light pink...  Then I will add the brown and embroidery a flower on it as well...
      This is the first one I did...  It keeps me busy and my mind kind of free from the stress...
      I also made a soap bag to match,  no doily though..

      So I just came by to say good morning happy Monday have a wonderful day and a lovely new week...
                          with love .....
Ps...  Joining no place like home  Party, with Sandi and Bernideen's Tea Tme Cottage Garden blog Party

Bernideen's here,


  1. Dear Janet:
    I adore your lovely crochet pieces and the spring colors on the towel are so cheery.
    I hope your week is going well and hope you come and share at my blog party!

  2. Such beautiful edging on the towel and a great soap bag. You have a great eye for all things beautiful. Rain has finally stopped here too, we were able to get some gardening done today. Take care.

  3. Buona settimana a te fra le tue belle cose!Rosetta

  4. Janice, I just so love seeng your beautiful crocheted creations. You do the sweetest work, with such pretty colors. I love your pretty mug, too.
    I also scrolled to see your blue striking. You put together such lovely, sweet tea times. Have a wonderful week! xo

  5. I love all things Mary Engelbreit! I hope that you find green teacups that are worthy to bring home with you. Bring on spring!

  6. What lovely things you made. And Mary Englebreit art is so special!

  7. Good morning know I am a BIG Mary Engelbreit fan so your mug caught my eye. What a charming post. I am ready for spring too. We had wind and rain all weekend. The weather man says one more day of rain and then some sunshine. YEAH.
    Your work is adorable! How I wish I had that skill.
    Hope all is Linda

  8. Hi Janice,
    What a joy to be able to crochet! Your mug is really darling and I Iove ME's quotes. The edging on the wash cloth is so sweet and I like your soap holder too. Very pretty work! So happy you have shared with us. Have a beautiful day.


  9. I love seeing your lovely things. Your croquet creations are such gorgeous, you are very talented. The mug is very cute and i like the quote on it