Friday, March 29, 2013

Blessings in store...

 You know, I'm always amazed by God's patience with me... and blessings that he gives me... My son was very angry at me letting my daughter come back after just leaving. and he had told me he wasn't going to help me anymore.  But this morning he told me Mom I told you that I would come live with you but you keep changing up on me and how do you think that makes me feel.
So we had a long talk about that and a few other things.  So I'm hoping that a plan is in place. He will move in with me so I don't have to move and he will start helping me clean up the storages and get rid of them so we can in turn take the money and start cleaning up Mom's house since I will be the one to inheirted it. 
And I will have him live with me here later as well. He can have a three bedroom apt downstairs and I can live upstairs... and the heck with everyone else...who can't seem to be bothered.
So maybe now I can get settle in my home and get myself to church..
I was able to drive me and Mom the other evening to The Memorial for Jesus Christ memorance...
I drove to pick up Mom and then back over by my house and back to Mom's even when it became evening. 
That was with much much prayer involved. So I think I'm ready to walk three blocks on Sunday and attend Sunday Chruch alone..
Grateful and very thankful...
In all the craziness, I don't know if anyone realized I posted the Lemon Blueberry Scone recipe down a few post. I hope that you give them a try they are indeed wonderful. 
I'm going home to see what's up and going to go with my older daughter to visit my older son and grandchildren on Saturday. Then on Sunday go visit with ex family, which will be nice.  It's been  a while. Plus they do a big pot luck always for each of the  holiday's so I will get to eat some nice food.. What are you all going to be doing for Easter.. whatever it is I hope you have wonderful time...
~Blessings My dear sweet friends, thank you for your patience and understand with me.
And for the most part thank you for all your kind words they mean a lot and help so much..
~with love~
p.s. be back soon


  1. I'm glad that your son will be there to help. Sounds like things are falling into place! :)

  2. Happy Easter Janice,hope you have a lovely time. we are going on a family picnic on Sunday. xx

  3. I have enjoyed visiting your charming blog. Kudos to your son for coming forth to tell you how he was feeling. We love our children greatly but if we say or do something unintentionally that hurts them, we want to know. We know to clarify our love for them. You are a blessed Momma! Happy Easter


  4. Blessings at Easter and I wish you a heart full of Joy that only Jesus can give. Trust in Him for everything! Enjoy your family!