Monday, March 18, 2013

Lost cousins finally found...47 long years blessed

 The start to this is not the best story, but I feel it has to be told...I had a cousin who was Married and had four children... Who ended her life very young at the age of 26.. She had just made one attempt and they released her from the hospital only for her to jump off the Golden Gate bridge a few days later... I was only eight years old at the time.. But I remember her very well. And all these years she has been in my mind. And for years when we drove over the bridge I would get a stomach ach feeling inside me... I imagined many times where she got the nerve and how she did it... The news paper clipping Said she sat her purse and shoes aside and off she jumped.  I remember her funeral like yesterday... I can see her face clearly and everything down to her clothes they dressed her in... ( It might sound a little bit to much for you but I have to get it out.) He husband who at the time was no longer with her came to the funeral and I remember a bunch of ruggus about it being partly his fault cause he had another woman.. but she had deeper wounds from her mother.  Who in my book Was a BITCH...!!!  She my cousin, lived her in Mom's house with her father the mother never wanted her so I been told.. But for some dumb reason my Great Grandparents would allow her to come when she felt the need...Then she would walk out the door while my cousin scream at the glass front door for her mom to come back.. Then I was told there were times she would call her mom and the mom would say who said that you could call me no one gave you permission...Can you even imagine, I can't it turn my heart into fire everytime I thought about it..

                                          Barbra Ivonne Keseloff Hayslip
           Born. Februray 24, 1940 -------------------------Died March 24, 1966
                                                     R.I.P  My dear..............
Well, her children disappear after that. The father took them away and we never seen them again. NEVER.
Had no clue how to reach them nothing... We new they went to Oaklahoma somewhere but had no way to contact them.. Well, It had always been in my mind on and off and Mom's too.. About three weeks ago it popped in my mind out of no where to put Barbra's name in the computer and it brought up a couple of things and I went forward clicking on this and that..which lead me to this on building your family tree sight...
I found two young people that where making there family tree. and I found there emails.. the girl hadden been on in quite a while and the boy last year... so I send a message and no respond.. yesterday sitting I decided to try looking again just because.. So I did I started putting different things into Google and finally up popped this Ancestry site. There was this Russian Lady named Nancy who had a message board for the Russian people that their families came from Karrs Russia, which are did..I started reading message after message just out of curiositiy finding different names that I recognize from growing up telling Mom o this and that..Mom went to lay down and I continued looking and reading and I almost choked.. One message said.. I don't know if you can help me but I looking for my husband family, his mother died and he was taking away when he was 2 years of age..They were Keseloff's from San Francisco and so on... and her name was Melinda.. Nancy left and message saying she had emailed her some information.. and that was it.. But my heart knew it was them.. Thankfully Melinda left her email address visually but the post was from the year 2002.. But I told myself it can't hurt to try again... my only hope that I have... So I did I sent this message

*Helo my name is Janice Strider Corona... My mother is Lois Moseman Stirder (Keseloff) which was her mother Mary Keseloff who was the sister of John keseloff Barbara's father... Tommy her brother died.. I and Mom have been trying to find a way to locate Barbara's children for years... since most have passed on it's hard... I have been recently looking again on the computer. She lives still in the house which Barbara was raised. I was 8 years old when she died and often think of her and the children we were all little I remember Diana and Dennis really well Daniel and David not so much.. I believe Diana is same age as me 55 or close to it. I would love it so much if you can contact me here or call me XXXXXXX please don't hesitate.. I want to know about them very much...

Couldn't write straight I was so excited in my heart trying to be calm... 
Not but barely 15 minutes later I received this email..

*David is my husband. I am sure he would love to be in contact with you as would his brothers and sister. We are not available today to do so but I would love to call you this week at some point. My name is Melinda and David and I have been married 29 years. We have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. And yes I believe Diana is around 55 years of age.
My cell number is XXXXXXXX

My eyes filled with huge tears and chills ran across my body...I can't even explain to you what I felt when I saw the return email and when I opened it and read it was over whelming but a huge blessing...that I'm so ever gratefull for..
Finally after 47 years before Mom passed or they were gone forever.. Contact not just a memory in my mind anymore.. She also gave me her number so if she don't call I will surely be calling her.. I don't know why they weren't available yesterday. I was a little puzzled by that but it's okay I have waited all these years a few more days won't hurt.. This couldn't have been a better day.. I thank God for helping me to locate them from the bottom of my heart... 
I hope everyone has a most wonderful day and new week. I will leaving for home today. I couldn't leave yesterday thank God I didn't cause I now found Diana, Dennis and David and Daniel...I don't know what will happen now but I'm hoping were able to have a great relationship...
                                                          With much love ..........Janice

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  1. How wonderful to find long lost family. When you get to talk, it will be fun to look for the things that you might have in common, even though you've been separated all these years.