Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring finally...

Spring Time...
It finally got here...We had rain though, I couldn't go out in the Garden until this morning...I did some cleaning up... I had to run off this morning though. Isaiah, had a appointment for his shots..Poor baby he got two shots one in each leg.  What did you do on the first day of Spring??? How was your weather where you are???

 Things are popping up out of the ground, Roses are making new shoots..I'm excited to see what becomes of my Garden this year.. 
I picked up some new pansy's the other day and a few other plant's. 
And the silly Blue birds got into my seeds that I was waiting to sprout.  I was really upset they were just coming up.. So I covered them with a screen till the rest sprout. I can't wait till I get some More money to go buy some other things...It's hard when you live on a fixed income.. but it's okay I still manage to get all that I need... 
  Well my dear friends, I'm off and running I'm kind of sleepy today so I wish you a Great day and evening...with love Janice


  1. Hi Janice
    Still snowing here and so I envy your spring sprouting.
    The first picnic photo is lovely.

  2. I remember those shots appointments...not fun and so sad. Bless his little heart. I told all about my first day of Spring in a post at my blog....blessings