Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Helo everyone, I just arrived at Mom's. I had a most wonderful weekend with my children...I went to visit my son that I haven't seen in a while and It was really nice to see my granddaughter Yuliana...she is very big now trying to talk a bunch...we had a barbecue and they did eggs for the kids a ton of them they had fun looking for them..that was Saturday.  Sunday we drove across the bay to see my two older children's father's family.  It was really nice seeing family that I haven't seen in a long time........they told me that they were glad I came...
The kids all had a blast because there was another egg hunt with lots of money put inside the eggs and a ton of food ...they even had chocolate covered Strawberries and five different pie and I made banana cupcakes and sweet and sour meat balls..they kids loved them. ...fun.... it was in the country...we had lite showers on and off all day....It was the best weekend I had in a long while.......
Since then I have been home alone Vee as you know left. but I'm okay with it now. I did some more in the garden and Spring cleaning the living room is almost done..You know when I'm cleaning I sometimes wonder if I have to many things like everyone says..but then after it's all done I look at my things and say gee they look so pretty... so I'm good. If I could get my two other cabinets that I want from my storage It would be wonderful because then I can put some extra dishes in them then it wouldn't look so busy.. Just the same I love all my things...well I hope that your Easter weekend was as wonderful as mine..
~Blessings~ with love Janice


  1. Have been thinking of you a lot this week. You sound you are doing ok and hanging in there.

  2. Thank you Linda, It's been a long haul and much trusting in God for the back up...I'am doing good ..hugs..

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time! For those who do not collect pretty things.........it always seems that one has too much. But for those of us, who share a common thread of collecting.......there is never enough!! right?

  4. lol It what I say...I need a piece to go with that one and this one...