Thursday, October 11, 2012

Working on my dresser...

Howdy everyone....

just stoppin in to tell you I been at home working on my dresser..Went to Church on Sunday it was a fabulous time...I really enjoyed it.. It was me and Vee and Erica, my new neighbor and her two girls Candice and Launa. they are amazingly sweet.. I was received by many wonderful warm people. can't wait to go back.  well, I finally got the primmer on and when I got ready to pain the darn weather changed on me...

I decided to not paint the top and leave it natural, I have some honey bees wax for that and I think that's what I'm going to do.

I like it like that in fact I'm thinking to leave the two top little drawers. then paint the last three or four white..but I haven't quite decided yet.

If I didn't have to paint outside I would have had it done already..well the good part is I got the cabinet done, and with that I decided to not paint the shelves it's too hard to get the varnish off. I had a horrible time with the cabinet...I'm just finishing up the primmer on the doors. 

I will be so so happy when I get them all done and my bed room will finally be complete after two I just didn't have all the time. well lol I didn't have all the pieces either.. I have a maple bedroom set now.. I just gave the tall piece to Vee for her and the baby...she doesn't have room for the long dresser so I guess I'm going to store it. I have a long dresser that matches this in my storage so after this is complete that will be the next project. 
 So what have you been up too lately???   
We have had some rain today here in San Francisco...just lite rain...And o my goodness I almost forgot...Vee had a false alarm. We thought he water bag had broken...they thought too at the hospital so they kept her for a 24 hr. period. They even tried educing labor which I don't get why.. but they ended up saying the water was low and when she left they said it was ok...I was nervous reck. Well the baby is not due till November 15....So lets pray that he waits till then...Well I think that's all for now.. I haven't made the lavender bread yet, did you...I need some lavender.. I think the frosting is just a powder sugar with some lavender maybe some milk or if you like lemon juice..there wasn't one to follow.sorry...well I think that's it for now be back real soon to share something I been wanting to show you...
 with love Janice...............


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time at church on Sunday. I was sick over the weekend and didn't make it to church. Hope Vee's baby hangs in there til the due date. Will say a prayer for you. The dresser is gorgeous. I like it with the top darker. The bread sounds really yummy :)

  2. Prayers for Vee and her baby, as well as for you. The dresser is wonderful!