Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A little do over.........

Good afternoon my sweet friends, I decided to remove the cover off the couch and put on some ivory and pink pillows. I got tired of it being the burgundy. I have had the burgundy since I moved in which was two years ago. doesn't seem like I have been here that long. but I have this October became two years. 
I have took one side of the curtains down, but I can't seem to find the second set of curtains that I want. Lol so I have one window with the old ones and one with the new ones. just crazy and I keep sitting saying what in the world did I do with them. I should have for more panel's 
my photos came out blury.. I bought these pretty white and pink flowers the other day when Vee was at the hospital. I also bought her some beautiful white Roses.
I have a new little phone, and I'm trying to learn how to use it. most of the photos are better than the other phone.  Well I'm really tired but I just wanted to say helo...wishing you a most lovely evening with love Janice...


  1. You couch looks wonderful. I love how you changed out the cover and gave it a new look. Your living room is also beautiful. take care, Darlene

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment :) Your couch looks lovely and your living room area looks very inviting and feminine :) Also, your tea pot is simply beautiful! Have a great week.


  3. Oh Janice your room looks so pretty. I love that look.xx Also thank you for stopping by.

  4. Hi Janice, thanks for the lovely comment that you left on my blog. I'm very happy that you like my project.
    Your room looks like a page from Romantic Home magazine. Very pretty! I'm sure that you will enjoy the new look . . . it is always fun to make a change.
    Have a marvelous day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)